Marketing Booth Community

VIP Facebook Group

Want to take your photo booth business to the next level?

Then look no further than the MBC VIP Group.

Because, if you aren’t in – you can’t win!

And winning is what we are all about #winnersclub

Joining the group gives you access to a world of marketing tips, tricks and tactics to drive enquiries, grow your client base and ultimately drive your business forward.

But that’s not all!

The VIP Facebook Group also gives you access regular live video chats with our expert team who will give you the inside track on how best to market your business.

For a small monthly fee, get set to access high quality content, informative e-books covering everything from social media and SEO to email marketing, as well as templates and tactics to help you target new business.

And as a member of the Marketing Booth Community VIP Facebook Group, you also join a group of passionate photo booth owners who all share their experiences, ideas and best practice.

We’ve created the MBC VIP Facebook Group to give you everything you need to drive your photo booth business forward and our marketing advice can be used for any business or industry!




Join today and you’ll never look back.

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