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Last modified: December 22, 2022
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How to search for photo content on Photo Booth Marketing

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to find a photo using the search filter on photo booth marketing.


Our large range of photos cover many kind of photo booths featured at different events, so our search filter will help you find a photo that’s perfect for your target audience. We provide quite a lot of filter options, but it is important to note that the more filter options you choose, the more our search engine will filter down the content to a point where it is possible that you will overlook content that you would otherwise be interested in, or to a point where no content is displayed at all.

Our advice in this case less is more.

So let’s get started from the home page of the Photobooth Marketing website. Click on the tab at the top that says photo booth content. This will take you to the photo booth Marketing Content library on the left hand side is the search filter area that will allow us to choose a photo based on the selections we make.

First of all, let’s make sure that the content library only displays photo files. We do that by clicking on the photos button on the type of file section and the filter area. The page will refresh to show only photo content and the photos button in the filter section will be blue due to the many types of boots there are.

You can narrow down your search to show just the booth type you’re aiming to use the photo for. In this example, we will choose a mirror x booth in the search filter area. Click on the mirror x button. The content library will refresh and only display photos for the mare x booth. Note that the mirror x and photo buttons are both blue as an indicator of your selections.

The buttons and the search filter area work in a simple on off format. Blue is on, lights is off to turn the button off simply click on it once the page will refresh and the button will turn white. In this example, revealing photo content for all boots as only the photos button is on the rest of the product buttons work in exactly the same way.

So if you wanted to see a photo featuring at 360 booth, you would uncheck or turn off the mirror X button, but keep the photos button on and then turn on the 360 button. This will refresh to display photos featuring the 360 booth to see a preview of any photo. Just click on the camera icon on the top right of each thumbnail.

This will take you to a watermark version of your selection. Clicking on the x on the top right will return you to the content library to view photo content that is not based on a specific photo booth. Our extensive library provides universal content. Simply click on the photos button and then on the universal content for booth owners. Button to clear the search filter area to a default setting where no products or content is selected. Click on the photo booth content button

Will cover downloading photos in a separate video.


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