Beautiful by name and beautiful by design. The Beauty Mirror is more than a match for the Selfie Generation and we want to help you market it right!

We take this beauty to intimate soirees and glamorous galas on a monthly basis and capture every aspect of the experience utilizing video and images, so you can sell the experience to your clients!

PRO Content

Does your business target corporate events, fashion and life style PR launches, weddings and parties? Well have your marketing content covered, you just need to use it and land yourself new clients.


For just $99 per month

paid monthly for six months, you will receive


A choice of 20 professional images each month


A choice of 1 video per month



A choice of 5 photo overlays



A choice of 5 animations


Can you afford not to invest $99 a month into marketing your Beauty Mirror?

That’s a whole lot of marketing content for just $594, and we break the payments into a monthly fee to make it even more affordable!

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