Meet the boother

Jake Westerfield

Jake and Julia’s journey started way back in 2009 and they’ve been at the forefront of Oklahoma’s events and entertainment industry ever since.
How? Their goal since the beginning has been perfection. From the moment they first speak to a client right through to the event, they won’t rest until they get everything right.

And because of their commitment to staying relevant and continually evolving to stay ahead of customer expectations, they are constantly in demand. Whether It is delivering for A-list Hollywood parties, intimate weddings and parties or high profile events at the BOK Center, the Excellence Photo Booths team have both the booths and creativity to deliver incredible events.Excellence is standard for this team and that comes from both investing heavily in the best equipment and software as well as making sure that they test new products and technology in the office for months before using it at an event.

It’s not hard to see why Excellence Photo Booths are the partner of choice in Oklahoma and beyond.

Name: Jake Westerfield
Business Name: Excellence Photo Booths
How long have you been in business?
15 Years
What is your favourite booth?   LA Photo Party Venture
What is your favourite software? Snappic

Tell us about the best event you ever did?

We have been fortunate over the course of a decade and a half to have worked with incredible, market-leading Brands like Coca Cola, TiTos Vodka, Captain Morgan, PGA, Kansas City Chiefs, Google and many more.

Every brand is different and we make sure to deliver a bespoke activation that is customised to their specific requirements.

One of my favourite events was a 3-month unattended digital booth rental with 3 booths.
This was for a large public park facility back when unattended drop off events were barely even a thing. And we made sure that we were ahead of the curve in being able to offer this new service.

We dropped off 3 wrapped booths for 90 days, visited twice for maintenance – once because a janitor unplugged a booth and once because we hadn’t set the iPad to not auto update a new iOS. We were paid $48,000.

Your 3 Tips for success in the photo booth industry: 

#1 Be confident! We get a lot of business from customers who have started discussions with other companies because we know our products and booths. We are well versed, not just on our capabilities, but also on the benefits of the various softwares and systems we use, so we are able to advise each customer on what is the best fit for them.


#2 Be easy to work with! One of the best compliments we hear when courting a customer or even post-event is, “you all are/were so easy to work with.” I don’t know what hurdles other companies may be presenting to these customers but making it easy for them to pay you, book you, communicate with you etc is never a bad thing.


#3 Don’t become STAGNANT! Do not buy equipment or download software and attempt to learn it or use it before practising. We still do test prints in our office before events even after 1500 plus events. We test new products and technology in the office for months before using them at an event. We are attempting to constantly learn from others, learn new experiences with our current software, and monitor our competition. Continue to evolve and STAY RELEVANT!

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