Paparazzi Experience – A New Level of Fun with Snappic

At the start of the month, we released a new “$4K in May challenge”. This new Paparazzi Experience was built on the Snappic platform. Guests can choose from a range of virtual backgrounds and see themselves in a whole new scene.

Glambot-style videos

With VideoFX’s advanced features, we’ve made it possible to create glambot- style videos using any digital booth. This is all possible thanks to AI background segmentation, which tracks the person and removes any background behind them. Instead of changing physical backgrounds, with Paparazzi Experience, your guests can select from an array of virtual backgrounds that perfectly capture their unique style.

With Snappic, you’re not just choosing a service; you’re investing in a partnership that continuously evolves, ensuring you always stay ahead in the photo booth industry.

Slow-Motion and other options

Snappic VideoFX works with any camera featuring slow-motion capabilities. Choose from three-speed options: 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8. Combine this with gradual speed ramps for a professional filmmaking feel – just like the red carpet!

While videos, GIFs, and Boomerangs are great for sharing online, there’s something special about holding a printed photo from the event. That’s why with Paparazzi Experience we included high-quality photos that can be printed and taken home by your guests. With Snappic Offline Background Removal replacing backgrounds has never been easier providing very close to green screen-like photo quality.

Custom Video Previews

One of the most highly-requested features has finally arrived: custom video previews for VideoFX. This feature allows you to create realistic video previews of the actual video outputs, which makes choosing the right video experience a lot easier for your guests.

We would also use this for sending clients the preview of the video experiences, for the final approval. Or including them in our proposals, helping to streamline the sales process and increase conversions.

Easy Photo Alignment

With the rising popularity of classier overlays or magazine covers, aligning photos just got a lot easier. Simple just choose your overlay and hit “Auto Frame Create”. This automatic feature just perfectly aligns the photo position with your overlay. With added preview functionality allowing for real-time previews with photos. This feature is particularly useful for ensuring your templates are free of unwanted gaps or misalignments.

Paparazzi Experience is the perfect way to enhance your services. With the latest Snappic features, easy-to-use interface, and range of customizable options, you can provide unique experiences that will leave your guests feeling like stars.

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