Innovative Photo & Video Sharing with Curator Live

Imagine attending an event where different photo and video experiences come alive, from digital booths to AI-powered face swap stations. Now picture a seamless way to access all these memories without the hassle of sharing links. Curator Live’s app promises just that—a private, personalized gallery of your photos and videos, accessible with a simple face scan.

Multi-Activation Events Made Simple

Consider this scenario: you’re hired for an event equipped with various interactive experiences—digital photo booths, a 360 booth, AI face swap booths, and a roaming high-quality photographer. Traditionally, guests would need to navigate multiple links or remember to share their contacts correctly to retrieve their photos and videos. This often leads to lost or inaccessible memories due to typos in email addresses or phone numbers.

Seamless Photo Retrieval with Facial Recognition

With Curator Live, all event activations are managed under one platform, simplifying how content is shared and accessed. By utilizing advanced facial recognition technology, guests need only take a photo with their smartphone to unlock a personalized gallery containing all their images and videos from the event. This process is not only convenient but also addresses privacy concerns as it does not require uploading content to a public server. The face-match technology is not only private but impressively fast, ensuring guests can quickly find and relive their favorite moments without a hitch.

Enhanced Guest Experience with Roaming Photographers

Ever found yourself at an event asking a photographer how you can get a copy of a photo they just took? Typically, you’d be directed to search through an online event gallery or check social media days later, which can be inconvenient and often fruitless if you forget to check back. Curator Live changes this dynamic. Its platform allows guests to instantly access not just posed photos but those candid moments captured while laughing with friends or dancing, all from one accessible place.

Content Moderation and Direct Sharing

Curator Live also offers tools for event operators to control which photos make it to the cloud. Operators can quickly sift through the captures, deciding which moments to keep and which to discard. If there’s a particularly great photo a guest wants, sharing it directly with them is as simple as a tap on their image—via SMS, email, or even Airdrop—enhancing the personal touch.

Conclusion: Revolutionizing Event Photography

Curator Live is setting a new standard for event photography. By integrating all photo and video experiences into one platform and leveraging facial recognition technology, it offers an unmatched level of efficiency and privacy. This innovative approach not only makes events more enjoyable but also ensures that every guest leaves with their precious moments tucked safely in their pockets.
Ready to transform your event experiences with Curator Live? Embrace the future of event photography and give your guests the seamless, enjoyable experience they deserve.

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