How to create a pro glam photo booth experience

Improve your event photography to the next level with the innovative B&W Glam Booth feature from Booth.Events, a groundbreaking tool designed to transform ordinary photos into professional-grade portraits without the complexity of Photoshop. This sophisticated glam filter allows users to effortlessly adjust the intensity with a simple slider, tailoring the skin retouching effect to meet individual preferences. The result? Flawlessly smooth skin that retains the natural sharpness and detail of eyes, hair, and attire, ensuring every photo exudes a polished, high-end aura.

But the innovation doesn’t stop at skin retouching. Booth.Events takes the B&W Glam experience even further with its AI Background Removal technology. This cutting-edge feature effortlessly erases any backdrop, replacing it with a perfectly white canvas, thus ensuring that subjects stand out in stunning clarity against a distraction-free background. It’s a seamless solution for achieving that desired professional look in every shot.

The cornerstone of achieving such unparalleled photo quality lies in the hardware used. Enter the Everybooth Icon, an iPad-based photo booth that redefines what’s possible in portable photography equipment. With its high-quality mirrorless camera and exceptional lighting, the Everybooth Icon captures every detail in exquisite clarity, making it the ideal companion for Booth.Events’ glam filter. Despite its compact size, this powerful booth does not compromise on performance, offering a blend of convenience and quality that’s hard to beat.

By combining Booth.Events and Fotomaster brings an additional layer of creativity to the table with the Photo Mosaic Wall. This unique feature offers a tangible culmination of the event’s memorable moments, weaving together individual photos from the event and curated images from Facebook groups into a 40×30” mosaic masterpiece. It’s a thoughtful way to engage every guest, as each photo becomes an integral piece of the collective memory, immortalized in art form.

This integaration of Booth.Events’ Glam Booth, Everybooth Icon’s professional photography quality, AI Background Removal, and the Fotomaster Mosaic Wall represents a new era in event photography. These tools come together to create a seamless, user-friendly experience that delivers professional, high-quality photos and memorable art, ensuring your event stands out. If you’re looking to enhance your service offerings check out all tools mentioned above.

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