Take the plunge

Starting off in the photo booth industry can be pretty daunting. You’ve probably seen a booth in action at a wedding or event and been inspired. You’ve done your research and see that this industry offers great returns. You’ve asked around and you’ve picked the booth for you.

Then what?

The booth is just the start of running a successful photo booth business.

Alongside the photo booth you need to set yourself up with the right photo booth software and support that will allow you to start strong and deliver for your customers. Booth.Events was designed to be just that – the perfect partner to booth owners everywhere.

They know what it takes to run a successful photo booth business, so they’ve built all the tools you’ll need to thrive.

Simplicity as standard

Booth. Events default settings get your started straight away! And you don’t need to be a Photoshop pro to create stunning photo booth templates. Our online template editor is user-friendly and instantly syncs your creations across all your devices.

You can also say “adios” to the complicated process of setting up a Twilio account. Booth.Events handles all of the SMS work for you as part of your subscription.

Full of features

Booth.Events instantly tethers with Canon, Sony, or Nikon cameras and can connect with just about any printer. We pride ourselves on having the fastest upload speeds and excel at handling offline events and spotty internet connections.

We’re also one of the pioneers in capturing high-frame-rate videos from your DSLR, perfect for creating captivating slow-motion effects.

Smooth operator

Switching to Booth.Events is seamless. Our user interface is extremely intuitive, but if you get stuck we have a huge library of help articles, a YouTube channel full of tutorials, and we provide free staff training. Our platform is designed for ease of use and quick learning.

Great Value

We believe in straightforward and comprehensive pricing. Forget about additional charges for texts, emails, or gallery uploads; everything is unlimited. Our subscription plans even come with a two-week, no-risk trial, and during our fall sale, you can enjoy 50% off for the first three months. Just use code FALL23 at check out!

Grow with us

Running a successful photo booth business with a substantial number of iPads is a whole different ball game. We’ve got you covered.

Efficient management

Booth.Events offers features like kiosk mode for unattended installs with device view & upload view for monitoring, Sharing Station iPads to speed up queues, and instant data sync across all your devices, ensuring smooth and efficient management of all of your iPads..

Tailored Pricing

Our pricing starts at just $279/year for additional iPads, making it one of the most competitive offers in the market. For large businesses like yours, we craft custom pricing packages to suit your unique needs and business model.

Taking the plunge into the world of photo booths can be daunting, but if you do your research and select the right partners it doesn’t have to be.

At Booth.Events we’re not just about providing a service; we’re all about creating unforgettable memories and making your journey an effortless and enjoyable one. Take the plunge today with Booth.Events and get set to elevate your photo booth game.

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