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Tim Carr

NAME: Tim Carr



Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci could well have been talking about Tim Carr and the Booth.Events team.


Well, if you’ve used their software, then you are probably already in on the secret behind their success. And if you haven’t tried the iPad photo booth app, you are missing out.

“When we first started out in the industry, it struck me how complicated it all was. Everything needed a manual and training video, even if you understood photography like I did…it all just felt so difficult.


“And that has stayed with me throughout my journey and is fundamental to how we operate. Whether you are running a booth rental business or a DJ attaching additional services, we want to make operating a photo booth as simple as possible.”

Booth.Events has grown out of Tim’s passion and professional background as a photographer that saw him working across Europe.

An opportunity to make a move from Seattle to work in Zurich was one that Tim seized with both hands…and he hasn’t looked back since!

“Moving from Seattle to Zurich was a pivotal step in my career and allowed me to make the move from working for Microsoft to working for myself.”

With experience as a photographer across Europe, Tim has a unique understanding of the industry. But that isn’t the only thing that sets him apart.

It is his dream to build a service that people love.
Again, sounds simple. But the reality of creating an app, product or service that people love is pretty tricky.

“It is incredible when you get an email from a professional who has switched over to using us, and they tell you how much more time they have because of us.

We keep it simple

But that doesn’t mean the app is basic. Far from it. In fact, Tim and the team have been at the leading edge technically since they started.

  • First to market with a photobooth app that connected to real cameras.
  • First to market with a photobooth app that connected to cameras over cable.
  • First and foremost Booth.Events is designed to make the lives of their users easier, but alongside that they’ve pushed the boundaries of what’s possible for the photo booth industry.

Tim’s focus has been on delivering incremental changes that deliver real impact for the client. They might not be the showiest, but when it comes to reliability and speed very few can compare.

And that of course makes all the difference when you are delivering for clients day in day out.

“We focus on the foundational elements, constantly working to make them better and better. Of course we also deliver bold new features, but with incremental enhancements, we are able to offer one of the fastest, most reliable platforms in the industry.


“Clients who’ve gone to try something else keep coming back as they’ve tried out other apps and they constantly crash or are too slow. It’s pretty great to get that kind of feedback and makes doing the job even more rewarding!”

So what’s next for Booth.Events ?

Looking forward, Tim is clear on the Booth.Events direction of travel – they’ll keep making it as simple as possible for their clients to excel.

Fast, reliable and simple…Booth.Events has a lot to offer the industry…and you can try it out for yourself and see the difference with the launch of their new annual subscription.

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