Meet the Boother

Stacee Vann

Stacee Vann and her husband owned an alternative health business in Queens Land, Australia, which was doing well, and they wanted to earn extra income to support their growing family. Startled by a Facebook ad, the budding entrepreneurs learned that no one in their area owned a mirror booth; so, they ordered one!

Two years later, they own three booths. Stacee and her husband sold the alternative health business and made Forever Social their full-time income. The couple now only work a few days a week and are able to balance work and their children’s lives well.

Name: Stacee Vann
Business Name: Forever Social
How long have you been in business?
3 years this November
What is your favourite booth?  The MobiBooth Aura
What is your favourite software? Snappic! You can’t beat an easy-to-use software that gives you the ability to make money with drop off booths

Tell us about the best event you ever did?

We have been lucky enough to work at some great events!

My favourite is working with a radio station who did a 3-day activation of our 360. It was a huge event in our area with over 60,000 people over the three days. It was our biggest event to date and we built a great relationship with the station while getting paid and getting fantastic publicity for our business.

Your 3 Tips for success in the photo booth industry: 

#1 Never think something is impossible! 

When we started Forever Social, Sammy and Ursula encouraged me to go for the big clients and businesses; I insisted that there were no such clients in my area because we were not located in a big capital city. Until I decided to get my business out there more and make an effort to chase that work.

We have since worked with big radio stations, national football teams, major sporting events and national institutions. The jobs are there, you just have to have the drive and find them.


#2 Be different!

Give people a reason to hire you! Make your website and social media look a little different; look professional and show that you are the only option!

Decide what sets you apart, make it your own and sell it. We focus on bringing something fun and unique to events; it’s not our booths we sell, it’s the whole experience. We try to make our social media and website reflect this by being fun and not too content heavy. Lots of PBM photos and videos help with that.

We have had customers say they didn’t look anywhere else because our website and social media are the most professional and fun, and they were instantly hooked.


#3 Show up and be consistent!

It can be so hard to balance your own business, life and children, and sometimes we find ourselves only doing the tasks that make money, like admin and answering emails.

But it’s so important to be consistent on platforms like social media and your website. No one wants to hire a company that hasn’t updated their social media in three months, but everyone wants a company that posts photos and videos from multiple events every weekend.

Be consistent and look in demand and it will show in your bookings! Follow Stacee’s work on Instagram

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