Make hay while the sun shines

Harvesting hay can be spoiled by wet weather…

That’s why it is so important for farmers to seize the opportunity of dry weather to cut, dry and gather the hay…

So What?

What’s that got to do with the photo booth business? Well, much like farms of old…it pays to take advantage of good conditions to get ahead. Getting ahead in our business can mean the difference between bumper, back to back bookings or silence and a slow season.

That’s why you need to start planning for the holiday season right now…yes that’s right…Christmas prep starts now.

Well it does if you want to make hay and make more dollar. Which, we’re pretty sure you do. Getting ahead also means getting creative and looking for ways to offer something extra for your clients.

And that’s where Darkroom Core comes in.

It’s the perfect way to enhance your photo booth offer, enabling you to shoot holiday events, parties and Santa Claus pics.

The holiday season can and should be one of your most lucrative periods, and with the addition of just one software component you can grow your business even more.

Even better, you don’t need to fork out for new equipment, you can use your existing photo booth. Just add Darkroom Core and get set to maximise your event income!

Clients will love the extra offering and you’ll love being able to cover and capture every eventuality for holiday events including Santa photos, parties, corporate events, green screen events and much more.

Darkroom Core software is designed to work the way you want your photography workflow to flow. Unlike your photo booth that operates without a photographer, Darkroom core is automation software for a photographer.

You take a picture, decide that it’s what you want and Darkroom does the rest whether that is a single print, an entire package, email, text, photo gallery or all of the above. One click of the mouse or keyboard and you are off to the next photo.

If you are serious about having a bumper holiday season….then get prepping now.

Make hay while the sun shines, invest in the right tech, kit and marketing to get yourself ready to make an impression this holiday season and beyond.

Make hay with Darkroom Core and OFFER.

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