Meet the Professional

David Miller

This is a man who is relentless in his pursuit of excellence.

David Miller’s engineering mindset, honed working at NASA, has enabled him to transform LA Photo Party into one of the industry’s leading lights.

He’s passionate about precision engineering, but not in a boring way. It’s about striving to solve problems in a fun and creative way. Excellence for David and the LA Photo Party team is about constantly asking themselves how they can deliver more.

“With all our products we always ask ourselves what could be better, what could give the client a better experience.”

Relentless excellence

By continually asking more of themselves and how best they can deliver for their clients, David and the team have developed some of the most adventurous and exciting booths on the market.

A range of booths that includes a Virtual Reality photo booth and an underwater booth!


It all started with the Photo Party Station…which was the team’s first foray into photo booths.

Feedback, experience and a focus on continuous improvement led to the development of the Infinite in 2016…a bold step forward for the industry, that again saw David’s passion for precision take hold.

“When we built Infinite Photo Booth that came about because I was messing around with a DSLR camera and thought the wires looked messy and unprofessional. I decided we needed to make this come together in one sleek package and Infinite was born. We have refined it further since, but the concept remains the same.”


“The Infinite with high quality lighting instantly gave clients a better experience and it is the difference between making it work and making it work well for your needs.”

Every detail of the Infinite has been carefully crafted to give owners a long lasting booth with a three camera system that is brandable, customizable, and able to grow with the ever-evolving industry.

Constantly evolving

That same care and attention to detail has been leveraged in the development of some incredible software to match the quality of their booths.

Photo Booth Upload is one of the industry’s leading photo booth software and is the perfect blend of the standard booth technology with the latest innovations in experiential entertainment.

David says its success, with over 3,000 photographers using it and Photo Party Upload (PPU) sharing software, worldwide, is because it “has everything you need. It shares in an attractive way, it has filters, it has background removal. We have continued to build it as the industry developed.”

It is pretty clear that excellence for David means not standing still. And he is constantly looking for ways to improve, adapt and elevate his products to meet the needs of the ever-changing industry.

What’s next for the industry?

AI seems to be on everyone’s radar and is already making a splash in the market.

“It is early days, but AI is making it easier to go wild at cool events. We tested it recently and the results were pretty cool – we turned everyone at the party into drag queens and victorians.


“The computer power needed is significant, but I expect the processing speeds to get faster quite quickly.”

AI might be one of the next things to transform the industry, but says David, the core fundamentals should remain the same.

His advice for those looking to make a success of boothing is simple…

“Figure out your plan and stick to it. It is OK to be the best 360 boother out there, just go do it. It is also OK to be wide ranging and offer a great service according to clients’ needs. Just don’t jump around too much, start with something, and build organically.”


“Also be adaptable, what worked last year might not work this year. Your marketing or pricing might be off. Your clients’ needs will change. Stay adaptable and always find solutions to your client’s needs.”

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