Meet the boother

Jon and Sarah Ohlsson

Deciding what to do with their wedding gift money was a no-brainer for the Ohlssons. Married in 2019, the pair loved the joy and excitement that guests experienced at their wedding photo booth and wanted to bring that joy to others.

The pair, like many boothers before them, quickly recognised the business potential of photo booths. They didn’t leap straight into it, however, and were meticulous in their research, wanting to make sure that they were making a wise investment with their wedding gift money.

Jon has a background in marketing and together with Sara’s creative eye, they decided that their focus would be on delivering luxury, high-end weddings. Having thoroughly explored the area to see what other booth providers were offering, they strategically purchased a booth that filled a niche that wasn’t being addressed by any other provider in the region.

The pair launched with confidence and excitement in early 2019, and despite their first year being cut short by the pandemic, they managed to book and deliver 30 events. That’s no small feat for a newly launched business!

“Although the pandemic brought operations to a standstill, it didn’t halt our digital growth. We took the opportunity to prioritise our website, SEO and digital marketing, which all paid off. By the time we were ready to restart operations, our website was ranking on the first page for almost all our targeted keywords.”

Upping the ante on the digital front resulted in a surge in demand for Photo Booth Niagara’s services and the pair once again invested in software, processes and technology to enhance their offering to enable the scaling of their business.

“We are still part-time, but despite that we’ve confidently handled over 150 bookings. Our next step involves diversifying our client base by venturing into corporate activations. We are excited about the future, eagerly awaiting the opportunities it will bring.”

Name: Jon & Sarah Ohlsson
Business Name: Photo Booth Niagara
How long have you been in business?
3 Years
What is your favourite booth?  T11.5 from Randy Licht
What is your favourite software? DSLR Booth

Tell us about the best event you ever did?

We have had the privilege of bringing our photo booth experience to a variety of events, and we cherish each one for its unique charm and joy. However, one event that stands out for its sheer uniqueness and grandeur was the Niagara Ice Wine “Cool as Ice” event.

The setting was truly spectacular – the Power Tunnel of Niagara Falls, Canada. Our Salsa and Glam booths were a part of this grand occasion, fitting in seamlessly with the icy elegance of the celebration.

While we were personally unable to attend the event due to a cruise vacation our Salsa booth, in particular, was a hit and even made its way into the event video.

Although every event we service holds a special place for us, the Niagara Ice Wine event was undoubtedly one of the most memorable and unique experiences that our booths have been a part of. Despite our physical absence, we were there in spirit, and our booths ensured that the guests captured and took home a piece of the beautiful, icy spectacle.

Your 3 Tips for success in the photo booth industry: 

#1 Build a strong foundation & brand

Our approach is rooted in the “Good, Better, Best” strategy, with an understanding of the importance of effective marketing, strong branding, and excellent customer service.


#2 Know your target audience

Our steadfast goal has always been to cater to high-end clients with equally high-end services. While our booths may not be overly elaborate, our keen understanding of lighting and our commitment to producing consistently high-quality photos have set us apart.


#3 Facebook & Google Ads

Run Facebook and Google Ads, don’t rely solely on social media. Find out how to become preferred vendors.

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