Touchpix listening to customers and sharing knowledge for success

When you speak to Martin from Touchpix you are struck by two of his guiding lights. First, he is fearless, his mantra is “just go for it.” Secondly, he values the photo booth community and feels “we should not look at others as competitors but friends from which we can learn.

Touchpix, an app that is invaluable to photo booth operators across the USA, South America and Europe. It is particularly suited to boothers with 360 spinners but has functionality for all photo booth operators. It might be easier to list the small number of functions it cannot do as it has all your photo boothing needs behind one icon on your smartphone.

Central to the app is its sharing modalities, which include sharing by social media, Google Drive, Drop Box, offline sharing, and a revolutionary built in internet free sharing software making your job easier. Martin says “Sharing is the major part of the industry, sharing on the spot has never been more important.

Add in the additional functions such as the online designer with more than 300 overlay designs, over 60 filters and effects and the ability to add text to your photo or video and Touchpix is starting to look like a one stop shop for all boothers out there. For 360 spinner customers it offers a boomerang and slow-motion features.


The best bit though, as Martin says “all of these tools, including a 24/7 support function, are included in the standard price, there are no extra fees. We have options for weekly, monthly, 6- monthly and annual subscriptions which gives people flexibility.

Touchpix is a result of Martin’s “Just go for it” approach to business. “My first photobooth was literally made of a few planks of wood with a camera in the middle. It could not do a lot, but it gave me a sense of the market from which I could build.”

“I have been a photographer for many years and identified the photo booth market as one to expand into. My original business model was renting out photo booths which was going great. However, when COVID hit I had to sell the rental business and lost quite a bit of money at that time.

I then expanded into software and specialised in 360 spinners after being one of the first to demonstrate them at PBX. I got the idea as the singer Cardi B had a 360 spinner at her birthday party a few years ago and from there the 360-market kind of exploded.

So why do boothers choose Touchpix? “It is easy to use. Photo booths can be technical, but Touchpix does that bit for you. You can then focus on your client and their needs. Our design and creativity features allow you to tailor your service to those needs and give your client a great event.”

“I am a great believer in listening to customers, that is true entrepreneurial mentality.”
“The community aspect is huge too. We have a large Facebook community which we actively moderate and our clients can share guidance and expertise with one another. We have had many first-time photo booth operators share their first 360 video on our message boards for feedback and they have found that helpful.”
Martin’s advice to those seeking to get into the market or expand their business is the same as his mantra, “just go for it start small and don’t be scared. Make sure you learn from others along the way.”

With Touchpix, boothers have the app they need to support them every step of the way. With annual subscriptions for $1000 and no hidden costs, it may be everything you need, all at once.

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