Why Snappic is the Game-Changer Every Photo Booth Business Needs

In the world of events and parties, photo booths have evolved into an essential and entertaining component that enlivens any gathering. With social media becoming an integral part of our lives, the demand for unique, shareable experiences has skyrocketed, and photo booths stand out as the ideal answer to this need.

However, not every photo booth solution is created equal. Enter Snappic, the game-changing platform that’s revolutionizing the photo booth industry. With cutting-edge features, a reliable platform and 24/7 online support, Snappic is ready to catapult your business to new heights.

So let’s dive into what makes Snappic the ultimate choice for your photo booth business.

Take Your Video Content to the Next Level with VideoFX

Social media platforms have become ingrained in our daily lives, and videos have emerged as the dominant form of content on these platforms. Businesses and content creators have recognized the need to embrace video content to reach and engage their target audiences more effectively. Videos generate higher user engagement, click-through rates, and social shares than any other types of content.

The appeal of videos in capturing and holding viewers’ attention is unmatched. That’s why Snappic has created the industry’s most powerful VideoFX builder.

Snappic’s VideoFX builder comes loaded with features to make your 360 booths an unforgettable experience. Plus, with its intuitive library of pre-made video templates and its innovate AI Segmentation feature, creating and customizing your videos has never been easier or more enjoyable.

The possibilities are endless with Snappic’s VideoFX builder. Here are just some of the awesome features that come with VideoFX:


  • An entire library of pre-made video templates, ranging from basic to advanced.
  • A comprehensive selection of effects ranging from basic filters to more advanced pan and zooms.
  • With AI Segmentation, Snappic’s software can easily distinguish between human subjects and the background in any video. This allows you to add different effects to the foreground and background.
  • Add intro and outro videos to promote your brand or your clients theme/brand.
  • Personalize the appearance of your videos by uploading your own LUTs, which you can create or get online.
  • Customize your videos by adding a soundtrack and overlays. You can add branding elements for corporate purposes or create a unique frame for a special birthday celebration.
  • Add a fun touch to your video with their collection of overlays, including confetti, flames, lights, and more.

Effortless Sharing for Unforgettable Moments

Photo booths encapsulate fun and spontaneity, and Snappic gets that. But it also understands that the real value lies in sharing those captured memories with others. That’s why Snappic offers six versatile sharing options.

1. Email Sharing

As a guest, you can send your photos, GIFs, bursts, or videos to your email. This is an excellent option for sharing MP4 files, like the GIF or Burst, which are ideal for social media or your video collection. As a photo booth vendor, Snappic’s email option is extremely customizable, which is perfecting to upsell branding for clients.

2. Text Sharing

One of the most popular sharing methods is via text messages. These messages are instant and easy to share with others. All you need to do is provide your phone number, and you’ll receive a text message containing a link to a microsite. From there, you can download or share your session.

3. Airdrop

If you own an iOS device like an iPhone, you’ll find the Airdrop sharing option super convenient! With just a click on the Airdrop icon, you can easily send your photo or video straight to your device after ensuring it’s discoverable.

4. QR Sharing

If you don’t want an instant sharing method, Snappic’s QR Sharing is the perfect option for you! Guests can scan a code at the booth and be taken straight to their image online. You can even personalize the appearance of your QR code.

5. AI Sharing

Snappic’s AI Sharing feature uses facial recognition and mapping to create a personalized online gallery for your event guests. It automatically shares images and videos taken at the booth, eliminating the need for manual sharing. With this feature, guests no longer have to enter their sharing details every time, resulting in shorter lines.

6. Sharing Station

The Sharing Station may not function as a standalone sharing method, but it is a comprehensive solution for all your needs. Your guests can share their sessions through various sharing methods and print their photos using this station. The sharing station is a popular feature for users at larger events or when using a 360 booth, as it streamlines the sharing process and ensures guests do not need to use the main photo booth or 360 booths to share, thus preventing queues.

Analytics and Surveys: Your Tools for Success

In an industry that’s growing by leaps and bounds, analytics play a critical role in gauging the success of a photo booth event. Snappic’s detailed analytics provide valuable insights that not only help you track performance but also demonstrate your value to clients.

Snappic provides valuable analytics to help you and your clients succeed. This could be an excellent opportunity for an upsell, allowing you to provide your client with much-needed information and creating a greater stream of revenue for your photo booth business.

Snappic provides you with two fantastic features to provide your client’s with valuable data:

1. Analytics

Analytics can help improve photo booth events by tracking performance, demonstrating value to clients, and creating a more personalized experience for attendees.

Snappic provides you with three main sections:


  • General Analytics gives you and your client insight into how the event performed. The event metrics include total shares, data captured from guest shares, session breakdowns, photo views, share distribution, and reach/impression estimates. These metrics are measured across various channels, including email, text, social media, and printing.
  • The Media Info section is a helpful feature that provides significant insights into the event’s happenings. It includes essential information such as the most viewed media, the latest photo, GIF, and video, and a timeline that displays your busiest periods.
  • One of the critical sections included in Snappic is the Share Status. This provides you with a list of phone numbers or emails, a timestamp, and the deliverability status of that session.

Furthermore, Snappic provides three more analytics based on the features you have activated for your event. This includes:


  • Advanced Vision Analytics offers data based on facial mapping. If you have enabled AVA, the analytics page will display age range, gender and number of faces detected in your media.
  • If you have activated the Competition feature at your event, you can access valuable information such as the total number of prizes won, the variety of awards won, and the percentage distribution among different prize categories.
  • If you are managing a Virtual Booth, the analytics section holds essential credit information. You can monitor the number of credits utilized for your virtual booth events. You will also have access to the number of virtual credits and BG (background removal) credits used for each event

2. Surveys

Sharing contact information like email and phone numbers is great for lead generation. However, there may be instances where your clients require additional vital data. In such cases, Snappic’s survey feature is an excellent and customizable tool for collecting the necessary information.
With the intuitive survey feature, you can create your very own survey using the following inputs:


  • Basic text
  • A star-rating
  • A checkbox
  • A checkbox to accept Facematch
  • A single-choice dropdown
  • A multi-choice dropdown
  • A field for an email
  • A lot for a phone number
  • An input with URL validation
  • An easy-to-use date picker

Customization is Your Superpower

In the photo booth business, customization is what sets you apart. Snappic’s suite of customization tools allows you to provide a tailored experience that keeps your customers coming back.
Let us explore how Snappic can help you fully customize your events:
  • A microsite is an online gallery site that showcases all the photos and videos captured during an event. Snappic offers seven customizable Microsite templates that you can modify according to your preferences. One can customize headers, footers, backgrounds, texts, and sharing button colors depending on the layout.
  • At Snappic, users can select from four customizable basic email templates. While emails may not be as personalized as microsites, you still have the option to make adjustments, such as adding your headers and footers plus modifying the text.
  • Regarding our industry, there’s nothing more personal than the photos or videos guests take home. Adding overlays to their session, whether static or animated, can make it even more special. With static overlays, you can easily incorporate your event’s theme or branding, like logos and slogans. Vibrant animated overlays can perfectly illustrate the event’s theme. This can be floating hearts for Valentine’s Day or balloons for a birthday.
  • An Attract Screen aims to draw in users, and Snappic offers a great selection of pre-designed options in their attract screen library. You can also create a custom attract screen to make it more personal.
  • Custom buttons provide a small yet impactful way to personalize the photo booth for your occasion. Just imagine having basketballs as buttons for a basketball-themed event or party.
  • If you’re looking to add a unique touch to your event, consider incorporating custom backgrounds into your photos. Snappic offers two excellent Green Screen options to choose from: Chroma Key and AI background removal. These features allow you to effortlessly create custom backgrounds so you can make your event truly unforgettable.
  • You can access a diverse collection of digital props from their extensive library. In case you need more personalized props, you can easily create your own and add them to your event.
  • Are you searching for an engaging and thrilling method to boost booth participation and interaction? If yes, then Snappic’s competition feature is the ideal solution for you! Snappic provides two thrilling options that allow your guests to win amazing prizes; Scratch to Win and Spin to Win. You have the ability to customize each option with different prizes, and you can personalize the completion backgrounds, buttons, scratch cards, and wheel assets to your liking.

Reliability and Support: The Snappic Promise

At the heart of all these features lies Snappic’s unwavering commitment to reliability and support. With a team operating 24/7 to provide top-notch assistance, you can rest assured that your needs will be met promptly and professionally.

In conclusion, Snappic isn’t just another photo booth software; it’s a comprehensive platform that provides you with the tools you need to deliver unforgettable experiences, increase customer engagement, and, ultimately, grow your business. Give Snappic a try, and get ready to take your photo booth business to new heights.

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