Meet the boother

Matthew Bernier

Flashbulb Memories Photo Booth tell customers they are “your favourite photo booth company.”

With over one hundred 5-star ratings from clients Matthew Bernier and his team place customer satisfaction at the heart of everything they do and have spent years perfecting their craft in the industry.

Matthew spent some time with us to share the secret to their business success.

Name:Matthew Bernier
Business Name: Flashbulb Memories Photo Booth
How long have you been in business?
9 Years!
What is your favourite booth? Minbooth for sure
What is your favourite software? Breeze DSLR Remote Pro, but Snappic is quickly taking the lead

Tell us about the best event you ever did?

The big events are the memorable ones, right. A client once hired us for their 30-year anniversary in Orlando, Florida as they were so impressed with our previous work for them.

It involved 3 booths, 2 days, 1 custom photo shoot experience and a team of 8 to pull it off.

While it was a bit stressful at times, it was cool to see everything come together.

Your 3 Tips for success in the photo booth industry: 

#1 Be an expert
Spend time learning, in depth, all your software, hardware, and everything in-between, so that when problems arise (which they will) you are ready to handle anything that comes your way. Your expertise will also show when you meet with your potential clients and help you land bigger jobs.

#2 Decide your niche

Once you know who your ideal client is, then home in on that client and their needs and find what you need to do in order to capture more like them.

#3 Don’t dismiss “trends”

Being one of the first to jump in on a new trend can mean massive results. A word of caution though, refer to tip 1 here, become an expert in the new trend as your client will want you to answer all their questions when you are selling it to them.

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