Sky’s the limit for Picture Mosaics

Technological developments in the photo booth industry are happening at lightning speed but look no further than Picture Mosaics for the latest exciting innovation.

Established in 2001, founders Al and Joe Charpentier have continually found new ways to change the market. Al said, “In the early days, the company was driven by a purpose to establish a solution to photos collecting dust in albums or sitting on memory cards discarded in drawers” Enter Picture Mosaics, a solution to collate all the images that matter to you in one mosaic for display and posterity.

After 20 years Al and Joe have not finished finding new solutions and at this year’s Photo Booth Expo (PBX) they launched two new products to give photo booth owners and their clients an unforgettable experience. In fact, they may just be getting started.

360 Drone booth

The 360 Drone Booth defies all limitation-literally.

“We developed the software by building on earlier market solutions for 360-degree photography, such as the GoPro Array camera, to give your clients a fully rounded experience.
Once instructed, the 360 Drone takes off automatically from the helipad and can follow an arc of up to 14 feet before returning to its landing position.
Weighing in at 8oz, the 360 Drone Booth is easy to transport, set up, and use with minimal training or experience.
It is totally safe too, with the latest technology built in to ensure your client does not get hurt.”

Having so much confidence in safety technology of their system, Al and the team at Picture Mosaics even tried to injure themselves during the testing phase. As predicted, no one received an injury. Now that is commitment.

No Wi-Fi? No problem.

“The drone’s software does not need a wireless connection to download the photographs as it works from a different frequency wave. This proves to be especially useful for venues with patchy wireless service.”

Currently the software retails at $899 and the drone can be urchased at variety of retailers for $300 to $450.


You woul’d be forgiven for thinking Picture Mosaics had quite enough to do developing the 360 Drone Booth but they’re also super excited about the launch of the SketchBot.

This AI artist can recreate a drawing using a photograph within 30-50 seconds. Al and the team “taught” the software by sketching over 6000 pictures by hand. The SketchBot uses this memory to sketch likenesses of your client’s photos.


As Al says though, “seeing it draw is the real draw.”

SketchBots create artistic, one-of-kind sketches in 30 ~ 50 seconds.

This is not something that happens inside of a machine. “Once uploaded your client can watch the SketchBot get to work in real time for an immersive experience and the speed with which it completes the sketch means you can cycle through up to 150-200 sketches per hour.”

The software for the SketchBot is $4500 with the robot itself retailing at $760.

What lies ahead?

New technology brings new opportunities. Where could it possibly go next?

Well, Al is reluctant to share details, understandably, but he did say they are working on some innovative and exciting products to wow clients over the next few years.

There is no reason to suspect they can’t top the 360 Drone Booth and the SketchBot; if anyone can, these guys can.

Watch this space.

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