Meet the Pro

Catalina Bloch

Catalina Bloch is a Canadian entrepreneur and businesswoman who has built a thriving 7-figure photo booth business.

With a deep passion for business and photo booths, Catalina teaches others about business through her Photo Booth Mastery course and on the Photo Booth Supply Co YouTube channel.

Name:  Catalina Bloch
Business Name: MDRN Photobooth Co + MDRN Activations
How long have you been in business?
9 Years
What is your favourite booth?  Legacy by Photobooth Supply Co

What is your favourite software? LA Photo Party. It’s so dang powerful.

Tell us about the best event you ever did?

I once got to do a celebrity photo shoot for William Shatner. We did 220 people in 45 minutes with 8×10 prints. It was insane.

Your 3 Tips for success in the photo booth industry: 

# 1 Pick a niche

Don’t be a generalist.


#2 Don’t compete on price

If people ask you why you are charging what you charge then you aren’t showing your value or your product is sub par.


#3 Master your craft

Keep learning, and constantly improve your product.


Follow Catalinas latest work here 

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