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Andy Lin

Andy Lin is an award winning photographer, co-founder and artistic director for Other Worlds, a multi-media non-profit which sought to document and disseminate cases of living, thriving alternative economies around the world and creator of The Self-Portrait Project (SPP).

An innovator, Andy used his high-level photography skills to create a unique photo booth experience to capture his client’s needs and the market. A leader in his field, his work continues to grow with every job.

We watch in awe of the work that Andy creates for his clients, he is an inspiration in the photo booth industry globally.

Name:  Andy Lin
Business Name: The Self-Portrait Project
How long have you been in business?
14 years
What is your favourite booth?  Our own. We’re now on the 11th iteration of our mirror booth, which I started pioneering as a participatory art concept back in 2009 with an enormous glass two-way mirror and 2×4 structure made out of lumber, which I would haul to events. We’ve since made it prettier, more robust/travel-ready, and quicker to set up, all without losing the vital user experience.

What is your favourite software? Our own. Our system of photography is patented, and we spent a number of years developing software which would support it, including being able to use one’s own phone as a trigger for the camera, and to be able to contribute one’s image directly to our public image archive. 

Tell us about the best event you ever did?

We set up for the Sundance Film Festival every year from 2016-2020; not only were we in the green room for the main theatre (read: the inner sanctum of the inner sanctum), setting up for all the actors, directors, producers, and musicians who would come through in support of their films, we also were enlisted to set up for all of the festival’s events, including the final, massive awards party.

In 2019 we had two mirrors going at the same time for awards night, both wirelessly streaming in real-time to enormous led screens on-stage, with the final tally of images for the evening coming to 4,665. That had to be our best event based purely on the sheer scale of logistics, spectacle, and execution involved.

Your 3 Tips for success in the photo booth industry: 

# 1 Iterate, iterate, iterate

Use every event as an opportunity to try out something new, even if it’s just an image tweak or different lighting placement. Get good at getting good at things.


#2 Follow your intuition.

Don’t get so caught up in trying to produce compelling media that you don’t allow yourself to be receptive to new ideas and inspiration which may pop into your mind.


#3 Don’t be afraid to break out of the box

AKA don’t be afraid to act on aforementioned new ideas/inspiration. Good things often feel risky while you’re undertaking them. You don’t create transformative experiences by doing what everyone is doing.


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