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If you thought the photo booth industry was dying out, think again. Tracy Hueth is a standing testament to the growth of our industry over the last 2 decades!

I am just going to crown her ‘Booth Star’, why? Because she has worked with, and delivered events on all levels from private parties to large scales launches. Tracy has taken her hardware, software, coupled with the knowledge and skills to exceed expectations, we are all amazed by her and she isn’t stopping anytime soon!

I was lucky to grab a few minutes in her busy event schedule to get some tips for Photo Booth Marketing followers.

Name: Tracy Hueth
Business Name: Fun 4 Events
How long have you been in business? This is my 16th year.

Favorite Software: Depends on what I am doing. Darkroom Core for a photographer driven booth. Snappic for iPad booths. Photo Booth Upload for a DSLR booth.
Favorite Hardware: Roaming Photo Booth.

Tell us about the best event you ever did?

Wow! That is tough. So, the coolest event I ever did was the wrap party for New Girl. It was in December and Zooey Deschenel sang several Christmas songs. I love her and it was such a treat so see her perform live Christmas songs. The best event I have done was a very large event where we had 8 different stations (each station was different) at USC. The team was amazing and the event was flawless. Super pumped with the amazing team I had and the client was so happy.

Tracy’s 3 Tips for success in the photo booth industry:


Always Answer your phone

I have gained high profile lifetime clients/business because I answered my phone this one particular time. I also lost a huge client (MTV back in 2007) because I didn’t answer my phone.


Differentiate yourself from your competition.

Photo booths are basically a commodity these days. You need something to make yourself stand out from the rest so you can charge more money and get it.


You  can say NO.

We have all been there, saying yes to anything and everything because there are bills to pay or whatever. Sometimes you are much better off saying no when your gut tells you to.

Check out some of Tracy’s great work here.

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