Meet the boother

Zach Schiffman

Zach Schiffman is the Founder of Studio Z Custom Photo Activations. Bet you didn’t know he has a dual major in television production and entertainment marketing; now we know why he’s so awesome at everything he does in the booth industry!

He has crafted for himself a niche market that brings high-end photo and video activations to large brands and companies across the United States by being the trend setter, not a follower.

Based in NYC Zach has partnered with world-class brands such as Estee Lauder, Amazon, and Focus Features to name a few.

We can all learn a lot from Zach’s vast amount of knowledge in brand activation, experiential marketing, modern branding, stage management, and production technology.

Name:  Zach Schiffman
Business Name: Studio Z Custom Photo Activations & At The Beep
How long have you been in business?
11 years
What is your favourite booth? Our Glambot Cinema Robot
What is your favourite software? Breeze Booth for iPad

Tell us about the best event you ever did?

That’s a tough answer. Define “best”? In recent memory, I think our most successful, therefore best event was Vidcon 2022.

We successfully activated 7 different setups across 4 locations without a hitch. That included 3 fully bespoke setups we couldn’t fully test until we built on site, 2 static GIF booths, and the introduction of our Glambot.

A true team effort of BAs, subcontractors, and a production crew to make it all come together.

Your 3 Tips for success in the photo booth industry: 


So many times, I see comments on posts saying “the output isn’t good” or “why would anyone want to do that”, “this is dumb and a waste of money for something that can be done for cheap”.

It Doesn’t matter. If I have a client wanting to pay $10k or $100k for a vision they have, we make it happen.

Who am I to judge what a client wants? Money talks. We answer. 

I once bought a north face jacket. Wasn’t warm enough. Then I bought a competitor to Canada Goose. Still didn’t serve my needs. Finally bought the Canada Goose. Could have saved so much money if I just bought what I really needed first instead of 3rd.

The same applies to our industry and the race to the bottom. Quality equipment saves you money in the long run. Plus, as you grow, you’re going to need the write offs.


Constantly think outside the box.

If you see a trend in Photo Booth Community or other FB groups, it’s already been done by the major players who have collected major bank in the months or years prior to it gaining traction to the masses (think 360, robot arms etc).

You need to be following large events and major players in the industry and see what they are doing and do it before 4,000 people in your market are doing the same thing.
I used to get $10,000/event for our 360 in 2018. Now people sell it for $100/hour, but everyone still thinks it’s a “trend”; they are behind. 

Follow Zach’s latest work on Instagram @studiozphotobooths &

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