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Victoria Fox

Name: Victoria Fox
Business Name: Dzen Tech

How long have you been in business: 5 years

In just 5 years, Victoria Fox has become one of the most recognised faces in the photo booth industry.
How come? Well as the face of some of the leading products and software currently available in the market, you can’t help but have heard of Dzen Tech.
But before we get to the products, it is incredible to think that Victoria became the face because the company didn’t have anyone else on hand to put together promotional videos!
Seeing her deliver tutorials, Q&As and so much more highlighting the amazing features of the Dzen Tech range, you wouldn’t believe that Victoria only joined the business in 2018.

Victoria’s early start

A photographer by background, who studied Economics at University, it is clear that she has a head for business and knows exactly how to drive the Dzen Tech business forward.

“I didn’t quite know what to expect when I joined Dzen Tech, but I soon fell totally in love with the industry. In fact, the owners couldn’t get rid of me. I loved helping, I loved learning about what made our products amazing and even better I loved helping our clients to get the most out of their products.”

Work at Dzen Tech

Fast forward to today, and it is clear, Victoria still has the same passion for the industry that she did walking into Dzen Tech in 2018.

“I’m so proud of the company we’ve built. The thing that sets us apart is that we make products for ourselves first and foremost. What does that mean? Well, we create the best, we never use cheap details, and we never compromise on quality. While it might cost a bit more, we believe that the quality speaks for itself.
“And because we have so many amazing technicians working at Dzen Tech, they won’t release anything until it is absolutely perfect. That sometimes frustrates me because it takes so long, but I know it is the right thing because it means we only release the best.”

Bullet Time – First Dzen Tech product

Victoria’s excitement and energy is infectious. She has an incredibly positive outlook that is clearly appreciated by customer who have now become friends.

“I started out working pretty much 7 days a week when I joined Dzen Tech. There was so much to do and so much excitement around our first product Bullet Time. I was on hand to answer their questions, get to know what they were using our products for and ultimately get to know them.

“It is that personal relationship that means I pretty much know every one of our clients by name and can support them as they look to grow their business. It is very much a two way street, with customers coming to us with ideas and issues that we try to fix and we reach out to them for feedback on how we can do more and better for them.”

Dzen Tech – Spinner 360

After the success of the Bullet Time, Dzen Tech turned heads again and in a pretty packed crowd of rivals have created the 360 Spinner that stands out for all the right reasons. The company seems to be able to spot a trend that will last and carve out a niche as a top supplier.

“We focus on making products that people love. We are not just a manufacturer. We don’t just make equipment. We are always looking at ways to improve and make things better. That’s why last year we launched the MixUp, and this year MixUp Mini IPad Booth reacting to customers need for something more convenient, but still offering the same great quality.”

Dzen Tech – MixUp Booth

Dzen Tech Team

As is often the case, appearances can be deceiving, and that is very clear in the ‘simplicity’ of the Dzen Tech software offer. It is incredibly well thought out, has powerful features that allow users to tweak every setting and create their own individual output that suits there needs. This is backed up with an incredible stable programme that is constantly updated by the Dzen Tech team.

Even more importantly, the support and videos, many of which feature Victoria, mean that you are never too far away from getting help if you need it. And speaking to Victoria you can’t help but feel positive that you and the photo booth industry are in safe hands!!

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