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Lush Party Studio

“Strong women don’t have an attitude. They have standards and boundaries.”

Chatting to Alicia Garcia, it doesn’t take long to see that she is the definition of a strong woman.

She’s turned her passion into the industry’s leading creator of props and along the way carved out a reputation as a champion of culture, creatives and of course other women.

It is a testament to the individuality of the designs and the focus on quality that Alicia’s very first paying customer is still, to this very day, a customer of Lush Party Studio.

Name: Alicia Garcia
Business Name: Lush Party Studio
How long have you been in business: 6 years

Where it all started?

“6 years ago, it started out as a bit of a side hustle. Like so many of us involved in the photo booth industry, I saw the potential and the chance to try and have some fun.

“The joy of seeing other people having fun was soon elevated through the props I started creating for events. People loved the paper props I created and I soon realised that I was able to offer something totally different to what was on the market.”

From the start, Alicia’s designs were unlike anything else on the market. She was able to create quirky, bold and brilliant designs that fit the bill and more for events and clients. So different in fact, that one of her first orders was for $2000 from a client in Australia.

“That was the first time I realised that I had created something that people loved and were willing to wait for a handmade, quality product. Working on my own meant that I had to explain to the customer that they would have to wait a few weeks for me to fulfil the order. And the great thing is she was more than happy to!”

Lush Party Studio

Alicia’s passion and focus on producing the perfect props for events and entertainers has translated into an internationally renowned business. She’s also pivoted away from her original paper designs, responding to feedback and taking her designs to the next level with quality PVC.

Again, Alicia was relentless in her approach to sourcing the right quality materials, knowing that they needed to meet not only her client’s expectations, but her own high standards. Hours of research and testing went into sourcing.

After 19 years in Quebec City, Alicia celebrates both her Mexican heritage and her new home of Canada, through her work and also in the connections she has made with female and Latin Photobooth owners groups

As Taylor Swift said, “It’s possible to climb to the top without stomping on other people.” And Alicia lives up to this mantra.

Her ambition is to create space for creatives in the industry, lifting others up and making sure that there is enough room for everyone.


Photo booth industry & props

“I want my props to elevate the photo booth industry and ultimately ensure that the subjects of the photo are the shining stars. My props are to elevate not overtake. And that is also how I feel about my role in the industry. I want to support other creatives and help boost others.”

Alicia is a true artisan. Working tirelessly on the process to create #propgoals. She is involved in every single aspect. Not just the design, but photographing, marketing and all the activity to sell the product. They are built to last and built with love.

“I fully appreciate that not everyone is going to love my products. But I know that those who see them, use them and see the impact they have at an event, will get it. And those that get it, know that they’ve invested in quality props that will stand the test of multiple events, multiple thrills and the occasional drink spills.”

In a crowded market, Alicia and Lush Party Studio stand out. She’s considerate, creative and courageous, taking her flair for design, understanding of different cultures and love of entertaining to the next level.

“It has been quite the journey. Developing my business and never giving up on delivering only the best. Along the way I’ve had setbacks and hurdles to overcome. Even working so hard to create my props that I got carpal tunnel syndrome! But it is worth it to see my props elevating the stars of the show – the people in the picture!

“I’m loving the opportunity to work with different clients and create bespoke products that tap into their passions and event themes. And I have loved celebrating my own culture with Mexican and latin sets as well as some typically Canadian props!”

Future for Alicia

As an artisan, Alicia guarantees a quality product that will last. And she has pretty grand plans for the future, hoping to deliver more props internationally and continue to support and elevate the photo booth industry as it rallies after a tough few years.

The future is looking pretty bright for Alicia.

She’s clearly a woman on a mission and she knows her worth and won’t settle for anything less.


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