Meet the boother

Billy Chung

Having spent some time getting to know Billy Chung working with him in the run up to Booth Mastermind last month, a little part of me wishes I lived in New York and could do some jobs with him.

An experienced boother Billy has learnt from his own mistakes, worked together with others in the industry as the king of white labelling, and is a firm but fair leader with his own team. This is what really sets Billy apart; plus, he doesn’t take himself too seriously and likes a little drink, like me!

Name:Billy Chung
Business Name: Exquisite Booths INC
How long have you been in business?
10 years

What is your favourite booth?  Minbooth

What is your favourite software? Breeze

Tell us about the best event you ever did?

As far as I can remember, the best event that I ever did was probably a wedding for a friend that wanted all the experiences I could provide. This event required my whole team.

We provided 360, Roamer, Confessional Booth and our Classic Photo Booth. There was 400 people that attended the wedding including my wife and I. Seeing my team handle everything and seeing everyone having fun made me realize to trust my staff more and doing less micro managing! It also allowed me to see the strengths of all of them from the other side of the table. I did not have to worry about any issues and was able to party with friends.

Your 3 Tips for success in the photo booth industry:

Train your staff thoroughly so that you can trust them fully. Keep them well compensated and make sure they enjoy what they are doing. They represent your company so make sure they represent it correctly.



Always have back up equipment. Printers, Camera, Computers and cables are the most common causes of event failures. Always ensure staff have extra gear to swap out.



Keep yourself available and be ready to go out and do an event if something happens with your staff and no-one can take over.

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