The Dos & Don’ts of Photo Booth

So you’ve got yourself a website for your photo booth business and now you’re expecting the leads and the business to start rolling in like there’s no tomorrow. But for whatever reason that doesn’t seem to be the case for you. Why is that? Luckily for you, this blog post will detail some easy mistakes and pitfalls that you may have fallen into when it comes to how you’ve designed your website – and just how you can fix that to benefit your brand and see positive results.

Can Your Audience Contact You?

This may seem painfully obvious for most people – but in our experience there’s an all too high number of businesses that fail to provide contact information – such as no phone numbers or links to communication channels like e-mail or social media – for their own business on their own website.

There’s only so much an attractive website can do – and it can’t help you generate leads if you haven’t provided your potential clients with the information they need to contact you.

You can resolve this issue simply by providing the necessary contact details on the header and footer of your home page, providing clients with an option to instantly message you ( has a number for you to take advantage of!), and using widgets like Calendly to give your clients the ability to pick a time slot to book a call with you.

In addition – and this may seem even more obvious than contact information, but again you’d be surprised! – let your clients know where you are and where you work! Too often we see websites fail to identify their location and the vicinity that they work in, thus risking potential clients not knowing if they’re even able to take advantage of their services. Avoid this by simply including a small section detailing this information – potential leads will thank you!

Does Your Audience Know What You Offer?

Let me explain: If your business is heavily focused on wedding clients, it would be safe to assume that the majority of the visual content on your website would showcase this fact. Failure to do so risks potential clients fleeing your site because they don’t feel you would be an appropriate fit for their event despite that specific event type being your speciality. This is the truth for any and every photo booth site regardless of specialities.

It’s also important to remember that you’re not selling your booths by themselves – what you should be doing is marketing them as a can’t-miss must-have experience that they’d pay any amount of money to have at their event. Visual prompts showcasing these experiences will do wonders for your brand.

There are a couple of easy fixes when it comes to this issue of confused promotional materials.

The first is This site has a veritable treasure trove of resources that you can use if you don’t have the necessary marketing materials yourself. Another alternative is to simply enlist your friends and family to create these promotional materials with you!

What’s also important to note is that a website is never set in stone and don’t be shy to have a placeholder for a few weeks or months whilst you get more output content to swap in. Take advantage of stock photos while you’re waiting for a booth to be delivered and drum up interest – just as long as you remember to replace it with your own content once it arrives!

Does Your Audience Trust You?

All potential clientele share the same thought when looking over a business’ website: can I trust these people?

One crucial factor that determines whether or not a client decides to put their trust in you and convert or to turn away and look elsewhere is something that will seem obvious when you see it: reviews and accolades.

Reviews and accolades don’t strictly have to exist exclusively in formal client reviews – this can also include highlighting high profile former clientele or displaying any awards that you or your business may have been fortunate enough to receive.

Whatever it is you choose to display, showcasing your previous successes will make it easier for your audience to place their trust – and their money – in your hands.

Is Your Site Up to Speed?

Nowadays clients are impatient – they want what they want now and they don’t want to wait. This is especially true for websites. A slow, laggy website massively damages any potential client’s user experience and in turn greatly decreases the likelihood that they would convert. Studies have shown that even a measly 100 milliseconds of loading time can cause conversion rates to drop by 7% – so you can see how crucial optimising loading speed is for your website. Site speed is also a metric when it comes to determining Google ranking, so maintaining good performance is key to your site’s visibility.

There are a number of factors that could be playing a hand in causing your site’s speed to slow dramatically. This can range from bulky code or large media files ( can help compress files into other, smaller formats), to an unoptimized CSS, missing files, or an issue on the user’s end. Each specific issue has its own specific fix making this a stressor for many business owners wanting to make sure that their website is working to its full potential – identifying what the specific problems are is key so that you’re able to implement a fix.

But how do you find out exactly what the problem is?

So What Now?

All of this information may seem overwhelming at the moment but there’s always a solution and a fix for every problem that can arise.

BoothWebsite provides a free website audit report conducted by an experienced and accomplished website designer that analyses and details your site’s performance in comparison to your competitors while also providing you with actionable insights to improve your website’s ability to generate business.
You’ve funnelled time and money into your website so it stands to reason that you would want your site to be generating as much revenue for you as possible. So guarantee your business’s success by taking the necessary steps to avoid your website damaging your brand instead of boosting it and taking advantage of all the resources that exist to stop your business from failing.

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