Meet the boothers

Nicole Bonilla

If you haven’t had the pleasure for meeting Nicole Scott Bonilla, I will sum her up in 3 words fisty, fearless and warm. This beautiful Hispanic woman represents and reflects everything her culture has instilled in her and she offers it with open arms to everyone within the photo booth community; like they say mi casa es su casa.

Name: Nicole Scott Bonilla
Business Name: Magic Mirror Miami Photobooths
How long have you been in business?
5.5 years
What is your favourite booth?  My top 2 are my Mirror Me and Mobibooth Aura
What is your favorite software? Snappic and Touchpix
Tell us about the best event you ever did? Oh Lord, I’ve had so many amazing events it’s hard to just pick one. If I have to choose one, I think it would say it was a tour with AutoNation. We got to do a multi city tour, which meant lots of organisation, operations, travel and to top it off I got to visit places I had never been before and network with some amazing people.

Your 3 Tips for success in the photo booth industry

#1 You are your only competition
No one is your competition except you. Always try to outdo yourself never try to be like anyone else – You are only ever as good as your last job!


#2 Build Relationships with your peers

Being an entrepreneur is isolating, you don’t have to do it alone, build relationships, support and learn from your industry peers. Do not burn bridges with your colleagues; you never know who you may need in the future.


#3 Your price is your price

Don’t let people make you feel like you are too expensive especially when you know what you bring to the table. Make sure your product quality and customer service are on point always for this very reason.

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