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Rex Huang

Rex Huang has been in business for a decade. He boasts a massive list of happy clients he has worked with over the years. He has been part of many events and is a great advocate for team building. Check out his profile below for more on his experiences and his top tips for boothers.

Name:  Rex Huang
Business Name: Rex’s Photo Booth Reviews and Tutorials
How long have you been in business?
10 years

What is your favourite booth? Our DIY Booth – Mailbox slot format’ it truly is one of a kind. One of the advantages of building your booth is that you can improve on lacking features. For example, moving and mounting the computer is a nightmare no matter what booth we buy. It’s the reason we came up with the mailbox slot format for our booths. We use a convertible touch screen laptop that we can easily remove to access the computer. We have used this booth for years, and they are still our favorites.

What is your favorite software?

As far as apps go, I’m digging in NOTES by Apple to run the biz. It’s an X platform between iOS and Mac OS. I can make notes on the go and then pull them up on the desktop when I get to the office. 

Go to apps for photo boothing vary. For corporate events, we like how robust Snappic and Curatorlive are. Both are excellent for corporate work. We have booths running Lumabooth, Dslrbooth, and Breeze for our social events.

Tell us about the best event you ever did?

There have been many; for every event we do, we treat it as if it were our last. When it’s over, nothing is broken, and the client is happy. That’s the best feeling ever.

Rex’s 3 Tips for success in the photo booth industry:

1. Response time
Customer service is everything – Always being first to respond gives the client confidence you can do the job and be there for them whenever needed.

2. Build your team

So often, people get good at what they do, and it is part of their success. But to be truly successful, you must teach and trust those around you to be just as good if not better than you so you can grow and expand your business.


3. Keep learning

While you may be good at something, you don’t know everything. Don’t be afraid to go to seminars or conferences. Network with others and just listen. There is always something to be learned.

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