3 Reasons Photo Boothers Should Visit Las Vegas this February

When was the last time you visited Las Vegas? Well, not in that sense; what happens here won’t stay in Vegas. In fact, it can supercharge your photo booth business. If you haven’t been to a photo booth conference or expo, this is reason enough to make plans and take Las Vegas this February. The main takeaways that will make the trip worth your while include:


Practical training

Where are you going wrong? Why are you not generating as many leads and converting the few that come your way? The photo booth business feels crowded, but this doesn’t mean you can’t take a considerable part of the pie. With the right strategies, you can win more clients and be a part of the top 1% within a reasonable period.

The strategies aren’t based on your dreams. Your dreams are valid, but you need an actionable plan to get there. This is where the Booth Mastermind Conference training will come in. You’ll get a chance to consume valuable information from the most successful photo boothers. This will furnish you with the skills on how they made it to the top, which you can transfer to your business.

The training is a chance to explore more, find out the common pitfalls, some that could be the main culprit behind your slow progress, and uncover tips and tricks to successfully navigate the photo booth arena and run a profitable business and receive hands on training from the software companies never seen before. 


Networking opportunity

Meeting other like-minded individuals can spark a dying flame. You’ll have a chance to interact with other photo boothers, which can refresh your passion in the business field. Sharing ideas, discovering difficulties others face and how they solve them and being challenged, such as when ideas float that sound foreign to you, is refreshing.

It might sound like you are dining with the competitors but look beyond that. Networking at Booth Mastermind, the Strong Women’s Conference & PBX could be all you need to forge long-term partnerships. The fresh ideas, new approaches and perspectives, and opportunities for collaborations can help you scale the business to the next level. You will meet photo booth entrepreneurs and other experts in various fields, like marketers, providing a chance to crack that nut you’ve been struggling with for some time.

Besides meeting other photo boothers, you’ll also have the chance to interact with industry leaders. It could be a photo booth mogul you look up to, which means you might get the chance to get that one word you so much need to turn your business around. You might even strike up a conversation that could end up with a mentorship opportunity from an industry leader. Even better, you’ll join a flourishing online community where you’ll access valuable resources to help grow your business.


A chance to be on trend

Awards; who doesn’t love them? Well, the February Las Vega visit could see you scoring an amazing award to add to your confidence levels. Even without emerging the winner, you’ll see what others are excelling at and gain some inspiration for your undertakings.
For instance, you might be lagging – technology-wise. You’ll see innovativeness on display from other entrepreneurs, helping you establish where you are lagging and what you need to do to keep up. You’ll also interact with stakeholders such as media and props suppliers and booth rental companies, among others. This will help you uncover the latest trends or even land a lucrative deal you need to take your photo booth business to the next level.
What’s dragging your photo booth sales? Are you leveraging the latest trends and technology? Where can you find the inspiration to conquer that difficulty blocking your way to success? These and much more are among the concerns you’ll address while soaking in all of Las Vegas’s fun this February.

18th & 19th February 2023, South Point Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
(Tickets include access to the PBC trade show floor)

19th to 23rd February 2023,  South Point Hotel & Cassino, Las Vegas. 

18th & 19th February 2023, South Point Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
(Tickets include access to the PBC trade show floor)

And let’s not forget, it’s not all work and no play, there is a party every night; if you can keep up!

  • Booth Mastermind Mixer 
  • Strong Womens Mixer 
  • Booth Mastermind Awards & After Party 


  • Strong Womens Girls Night Out 
  • PBX Party 
  • Official PBX Party
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