Meet the boother

Jenna Ridenhour

Jenna has gained her boothing crown having spent the last three years developing, positioning and growing her booth business.
Her entire business brand and ethos is driven by product quality and customer service, which is reflected in her amazing results.

Name: Jenna Ridenhour
Business Name: Regal Reflections
How long have you been in business?
3 years

What is your favourite booth?  I have 4 photo booths. All of them are equally different, and all of them have their own unique things that I genuinely love about them. My 360 booth is the mirrored infinity glass top LED backlit booth from ZlPower and I absolutely love the fact that no one else in my area owns one like it. My iPad booth is the Sapphire Helio Pro from ATA photobooths and has actually become one of my favorites to use for last minute events as it is light, easy to set up, and can typically be a one-person job. The Mior from ATA photo booths is about 4’ and can easily be loaded and unload by two attendants, without the need of a trailer or a cargo van. It can fit inside my midsize SUV. And the Mirror X, while heavy and large enough to require special transportation, is one of my most booked booths. It was my first photo booth and I’m always going to be partial to it for that reason

What is your favorite software

My favorite software for the mirror booth is hands down Fotomaster. The ease of use for the end user, and the ability to fully customize the workflow is truly a game changer. If I could use their software on every booth, I would be incredibly pleased. When it comes to my iPad and 360, I favor Snappic. While Curator is incredibly user friendly, I appreciate Snappic’s ability to be a one stop shop for all of my iPad booths (I use the iPad mini on the 360.) To be fair though, I have not had an opportunity to work with all the available software.

Tell us about the best event you ever did

Oh, this is a hard one! It’s always easy to remember events that weren’t exactly perfect, because those are the events, we learn the most from. With that being said, I would probably say that some of the best events I do are usually my charitable donations. One of the most memorable experiences I have had was when I donated my Mirror X to the Tik-Tok wedding of Perfectly Kelsey and Curtis Woods. I got to meet a lot of incredible social media influencers, like the hilarious Officer Eudy and Comedic Cody. Everyone was a whole vibe! And they were able to use their platform and their big day to generate a lot of money for charity. They raised roughly $20,000 over the course of two days for down syndrome and domestic violence charities.

Your 3 Tips for Success in the Photo Booth Industry

Tip 1: Your brand is your baby. It’s everything.
Your brand should be a reflection of you, your values, your mission, and your business. It’s what sets you apart from everyone else in the industry. The key things you do to go that extra mile to make an impact are what add value to your business. And if you catch others imitating you, you know you’re doing something right!

Tip 2: Network, network, network!

I cannot stress enough the importance of networking with other industry professionals and creating a community. Attend venue tours and reach out to local vendors. Most of my leads come from vendor referrals!


Tip 3: Value your business. If you don’t, your clients certainly won’t. Just keep in mind that not every client is your client, and that is OK! Some people have Moët & Chandon champagne dreams on a Boonz Farm budget. Well, I am here to tell you that you charge what you charge because there is VALUE in your services. Bentley certainly doesn’t lower their pricing to meet a Honda budget, so why should you? Do not compromise your value to meet a client’s pocketbook.

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