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Monica Conley

Monica has been working wonders in the industry for half a decade, with quite a list of happy clients for all the events she has been part of. She is a big advocate of networking, and supporting others in our industry. I got five mins with her over the holiday period to catch up and get some tips from her.

Name: Monica Conley
Business Name: Chevelle’s Photo Booth
How long have you been in business? 5 years
What is your favourite booth?  Among the many booths available, IPad Booth is the best for me. The iPad Booth is an excellent choice for event organizers who want to provide a fun and interactive experience for their attendees. Its light weight and user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to set up and manage events confidently.

What Is Your Favorite Software?

I love Snappic, it’s a user-friendly interface; green screen backgrounds, facial recognition, programmable themes, and filters, as well as social sharing and collaboration options, are just a few of the many things which make if my fav photo booth software.

White photo booth with touch to start animation

Tell Us About the Best Event You Ever Did?

I did a three-day activation event for Steven’s College in Hoboken, New Jersey, with a fellow business partner Stevie with Mirror Photo Booth. That was my 1st 5K paying job! It was Alumni weekend for the College, the team and I loved working this event and the client was delighted with the results.

Your 3 Tips for Success in the Photo Booth Industry

#1 Stay Consistent With Your Advertising Efforts
Advertise your business every day and win new clients. Once you pull in your clients, offer them what you promised and more; once you do that, you win every time!

#2 Network!!!!

You can never have enough clients in your network; keep it growing every chance you get. Go to events, introduce yourself, and always carry your card and share all the relevant contacts.

#3 Know Every Detail of Your Software!
Your software is everything, if you know it you can sell to anyone and once you get to an event, you become a teacher to everyone who steps into the booth. When you know all the details about the software you are using, it exudes confidence. Clients love confident service providers; be that!

Check out Monica’s latest work here
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