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Shayn Satten

Shayn Satten has been in our industry over a decade. Built a very successful business and team pre covid, and has no problem talking about having to weather that storm and rebuild again in the last 18 months.

He loves to talk and is always there to offer help and assistance to everyone in our industry.

Name: Shayn Satten
Business Name: Milestone Photo Booth Rentals
How long have you been in business? Since 2010
What is your favourite booth?  It has varied year to year, but currently, the Max DSLR Curve has been a powerhouse in my business. It’s simplicity, customizability, toolless setup, light weight design, it is perfect for scaling a business.

What is your favourite software? My choice of software varies per platform and activation, it is really about finding the best software to fit the clients’ needs. For simplicity sake in scaling a business, Darkroom has proved to be very reliable and simple to train staff on using. Once setup correctly, it is very easy for new hires to use efficiently with little training.

Tell us about the best event you ever did?

It is hard to pick one, we have worked with celebrities, large brands, and small backyard parties. Each one had something special about it. I think one of the coolest events I worked was for another company. The iHeart Radio Jingle Ball in NYC where I got full backstage access to Madison Square Garden. I was able to be back stage and saw a ton of Famous Artists perform live! That was pretty cool for me.

White photo booth with touch to start animation

Your 3 Tips for success in the photo booth industry:

#1 Solutions Not Problems
Imagine your business as a video game. It is a puzzle that can be solved. Each client is a new challenge and with the right sales pitch and nudge, you can lock them in. Each event is a new level, you must be perfect and win at all costs to be successful to unlock the next level. The things you don’t want to do are obstacles and challenges that you can’t cheat to overcome, but victory will be sweeter and you will level up and be stronger.

#2 Network, Network, Network

It doesn’t matter where you live, get out to the Photo Booth Expo, go to the Booth Mastermind, meet people. It can lead to more work for your business. Just because you live in a tiny town at the edge of nowhere, does not mean you shouldn’t get out there. If you meet the right people and they know you exist, then they will make sure to direct those opportunities to you when they arise. The best ideas don’t come from sitting in a room listening to speakers, but from bullshitting with your peers and generating untested ideas that you can experiment with.


#3 We All Need a Mentor
Always listen to Ursula and never listen to Sammy ***Jokes

Check out Shayn’s latest work here

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