5 Tips to Market Your Booth Business on Black Friday

How do you best preserve your amazing memories? As has been the norm, it is documenting them, mainly through photos and videos. You might think that modern tech gadgets have the market cut out, but that’s far from the truth. Even with the most advanced Smartphones, consumers still need professionally captured videos and photos, as well as the props and other services offered by photo booths to document the memories at weddings, celebrations, parties and social events.

Photo booth and the shopping season

Every marketer strives to capitalize on the year-end festivities. Driving more sales during the holiday season is much easier. This is because consumers are in the mood and have been saving for the season. Black Friday, the Friday following Thanksgiving, which marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, is the most awaited period for shoppers and marketers alike.

So, how can you turn your photo booth business into every shopper’s dream package during Black Friday, when their pockets are loaded and more open? Here are a few proven Black Friday tips to get you going.

1. Anticipation and urgency

Are you waiting until it is a few days before Black Friday to start marketing your offers? That’s a must-avoid pitfall. It would be best to inform your target customers about the Black Friday campaigns in advance. This creates anticipation, which can drive more traffic to your website and make it easier to convert them and convert more sales. Modern consumers start their shopping endeavors months in advance by comparing deals. This allows you to build anticipation for upcoming offers and keep them glued to your offerings.

You can use hacks such as creating a killer Black Friday page and keeping it updated throughout the campaign. Besides marketing the offers, the page offers a chance to keep consumers glued to your business as you can provide other resourceful information. User guides, such as ‘5 ways to make your wedding better with a photo booth’, and ‘photo booth hacks’ for parties that drive back to your offers, can build the engagement and anticipation needed to gain more traffic. This also makes the page their go-to, easing your quests to convert them.
Anticipation helps you win and keep consumers’ interest. As Black Friday nears, you need to tip them to act fast and cash in on those leads. Remember, the season doesn’t last that long, and you need to secure as many sales as possible within the limited window. This is where the sense of urgency comes in. Leveraging the fear of missing out (FOMO) works like a charm.

The trick is creating urgency with sensible deals that your target audience won’t want to pass up, catapulting immediate sales and pre-bookings for the upcoming weddings and events, which could span past Christmas and New Year’s celebrations and filling the diary for 2023.

2. Leverage social media

Virtually everyone in the modern digital world uses at least one social media platform. Social media keeps everyone connected and as you prepare your photo booth Black Friday campaigns, ignoring the channels is a costly mistake. Social media can help you reach out to more people, especially with viral content. You can, for instance, create shareable reels or YouTube shorts that’ll get users excited, go viral, and win more traffic. This brings more eyeballs to your Black Friday campaigns, which can significantly boost performance.
The trick with social media is ensuring you are observing the “social” bit, which many ignore. Uploading amazing content – consistently is one thing, and engaging the users is a different story. If you ignore the social bit, you can easily lose a significant following. React, with likes, shares, or comments. This way, the audience can remain engaged and form a better bond with your brand.


Cross-promoting your campaigns across different social media channels, including but not limited to Google My Business, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, gives you an edge. You can reach out to a diverse audience since the channels attract different types of users. Use as many platforms as possible, especially since your photo booth services appeal to almost every consumer demographic.

3. Long-time customers’ incentives

While focusing on generating more Black Friday sales, you can easily lose focus on some of the most valuable assets; your loyal customers. Long-time customers crave a show of appreciation and offering unique Black Friday deals marks that box. Marketing to your existing customers is relatively inexpensive, yet it can win more deals and keep them even longer. Ensuring you offer terrific incentives to your loyal customers doubles as a Black Friday marketing strategy and a long-term hack since they’ll acknowledge the appreciation and stay in your books for an extended period.

Get that incentive and email out to all your clients from the last 12 months!

4. Creative promotions

Huge discounts usually characterize black Friday deals. While this works, more so for retail products, it might not be the most productive for your photo booth business. This is more so considering continuity since the consumers may only stick around after the season if you continue the discounted rates. Instead of considerably discounted rates, you can be a bit more creative and use hacks such as:

  • Automatic upgrades to a higher package
  • Bonus add-ons such as free onsite printing and custom graphics
  • Free gifts that add value for example a guest book

The promotions are all about saving consumers more time and money while delivering value. If the promotions require users to jump through many hoops or commit significant energy and money, they won’t be as productive.
It is all in creativity, and with upgrades, bonuses, and free takeaways, you can supercharge your photo booth Black Friday marketing campaigns and propel your brand’s profitability beyond the festive season.

Grab attention with a cool video and drive customers to buy with your added value incentives.

5. Website optimization

Modern consumers start their shopping online. They hit the search engine with queries such as “the best photo booth in…,” and browse the sites for more information. If your business’s online presence isn’t that good, visibility takes a blow, which gives your competitors an edge. You need to pay more attention to your website, including keywords optimization, improving user experience, and as for Black Friday and the festive season, measures such as decorations that create the right moods.

Even with the best equipment, software and service offering, you need to market your photo booth, especially during the holiday season, to capture more business. Developing a killer Black Friday photo booth campaign significantly relies on planning in advance. This includes a practical content calendar to reel in users, keep them glued, and tip them in your favor.

Creativity and keeping an open mind are also essential, especially as the season provides a chance to learn more about your consumers and how to serve them in the future better.

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