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The creator of smiles

There’s an African proverb that springs to mind when you speak to James Trivlis.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Actually, that’s not all that springs to mind when you meet the founder of CuratorLive. 

But it very definitely reflects the nature and impact of the entrepreneur behind one of the Photo Booth market’s most successful experience management platforms. 

Speaking to James, it is clear that he still has the same passion for the industry that he had when he built his first Photo Booth back in 2012!

Name: James Trivlis
Business Name: Curator Live
How long have you been in business: 10 years

More about Jame’s life

Throughout his life, both personally and professionally, James has committed to helping others, sharing his knowledge freely and helping them along the journey that is life. Underpinning this ambition is a love of creating great experiences.

“Life should be lived to the fullest and what better way to celebrate life than creating awesome experiences for as many people as possible!”

Beginnings of Curator Live

Spotting an opportunity to deliver great experiences and events, James and his business partners focussed on working with local retailers and events agencies. Taking a leap into the experience marketing world wasn’t a jump into the unknown for James. His background in marketing and retail, meant he understood, more than most, the importance of focussing on the customer.

Big things have small beginnings and by focussing on delighting and inspiring the customer, he quickly spotted a gap in the market.

“There was something missing in those early days. The market was growing, but the apps and software was not keeping pace with the dynamism of the industry. Customers and Photo Booth owners needed and wanted more.”

CuratorLive offered something different. It took the needs of Photo Booth owners into account, streamlining, enhancing and simply put, improving the platform through which Photo Booth entrepreneurs could deliver for their clients. The success of CuratorLive is due in no small part to the relationships that the team has built.

“Starting out, I spoke to every single customer, onboarding them and getting to know and understand why they needed our support and how they wanted to grow their business. Those conversations were so important, not just because I love speaking to people, but because it influenced the direction, we were taking CuratorLive. 

“I didn’t do this alone and along the way there have been so many people who have influenced and inspired the team to pivot, improve and make sure CuratorLive is the best it can be. 

“The awesome work of Jesse Winchester, one of the most talented developers in the industry, has kept us ahead of the curve. We both understand the importance of listening to our clients and making sure that we make the changes that will make their lives easier.”

Curator Live now

James still offers every customer who comes on board the opportunity to talk to him one-to-one, building a relationship with clients across the globe. Today, CuratorLive is operating in more than 120 countries and has the functionality to work in 170. 

“The journey we have been on has been incredible. We started out with a green screen and a vision and today we are helping hundreds of entrepreneurs achieve their business goals and putting a smile on the faces of countless individuals across the world.”

During the pandemic, the team took the time to reflect on the next steps for CuratorLive.  The platform already offers 4 amazing photo marketing applications to drive social engagement and lead generation. 

“With PixBooth, we’ve got the fundamentals covered, allowing you to capture branded photos of your guests. And then we stepped it up a level with the Slide Show app which offers integrated functionality to add a slideshow to your event or host a digital display.

“Then of course there’s 360 Spinner which delivers an immersive experience that brands will love using to capture consumers and guests will love being captured from every angle.”

“Until now, the final piece of the puzzle was the Sharing Station which maximised the time to capture photos and offered a separate kiosk for guests to find and share their photos.”

“We’ve also recognised that we need to enable Photo Booth owners to operate in spaces where the wi-fi isn’t up to scratch, and multiple devices can communicate without the internet, enabling sharing functionality to continue whatever the location.”

“But we always strive to meet every need and pre-empt what will be needed by our customers before they even think of it. And I’m delighted to say that we’ve moved from offering 4 solutions in 1 to 5-in-1, 

“We’ve integrated DSLR into our offering to enable customers to capture professional-quality imagery through CuratorLive. This is the next step in the CuratorLive journey and further enhances the offer through high-quality, high-resolution imagery, which our customers have been calling out for.”

Curator’s mission 

“We are on a constant journey to create the best products for our customers. We thrive on delighting them and enabling them to delight their customers. It’s a pretty great space to work. If you’d told me as a kid my job would be ‘creator of smiles’, I wouldn’t have believed you.”

For further information on the new 5-in-1 Curator Live visit

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