Meet the booth pro

Sharone Reid

Everyone has someone they look up to in business, and I am proud to say that after meeting her at PBX last year, I containue to watch in awe of her knowledge and skills in our industry!

If you don’t know her yet, please make it your business to meet her at this years Wedding MBA (Nov 7th 2022) OR Booth Mastermind, PBX and Strong Women’s Conference (feb 2023)!

Name: Sharone Reid
Business Name: Focus and Fabulous Events and Chit Chat Photo Booth by Coach Sharone Reid (coaching and mentoring)
How long have you been in business: Over 8 years.

Favorite Software: Breeze, Snappic and Dzentech
Favorite Hardware: Limelight Photo Booth and Ocavue (360)

Tell us about the best event you ever did?

WOW, too many to name. One that sticks out would be working with Coca Cola at the Five Guys Franchise Owners Trade Show. Fully branded experience with a live prop (coca cola bear)!

Sharones’ 3 Tips for success in the photo booth industry:



With both industry professionals and potential clients… Every opportunity to network is the opportunity to grow your knowledge and your business.



Our industry is full of new and innovative tech, start with the basics and keep practicing, adding new features, new hardware, software and watch your business thrive!


Become an expert with your software and in your territory.

Knowing your software is everything; take one software and learn everything there is to know, push it to the limits and watch as it meets and exceeds your clients’ expectations.

Want to hear more from Sharone… join her Facebook group.


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