Are Video Activations the Future of the Photo Booth Industry?

Photo Booth Idustry – Past & Future

There’s no denying it: the photo booth industry has changed.

At first, it shifted from giant, bulky booths to slick iPad stands and funky mirror booths. And now? Everyone wants a 360 booth at their event.

The trends have changed, and the demand for video content is at its highest. Have you noticed how Instagram has been pushing video content relentlessly lately? Reels and stories have taken over the platform, with engagement for photos dropping dramatically.

The photo booth industry is also slowly adapting to follow the trends. The rise in popularity of the 360 booth is a testament to this. So how can you adjust your photo booth business to keep up with the trends?

VideoFX example

It’s simple: Shift your focus to video.

If you own an iPad booth already, you’re in luck! You can offer your guests several different experiences, including stills, GIFs, Boomerangs and videos. And if you want to add a 360 booth to your offering, you can use your iOS device and purchase a 360 booth.

So, where do you start? We’ve compiled a list of how you can successfully integrate videos into your photo booth business.

1. Choose a photo booth software with the best video builder in the industry

As mentioned above, iOS-based software is the way to go when choosing a photo booth software for your business. There are several on the market currently, but you’ll want to select the one with the most powerful video builder.

Snappic is a clear winner, as their VideoFX builder allows you to get wildly creative. The level of customization and detail you can add to your videos is insane. They have also introduced amazing effects and presets to make your video experiences stand out from the crowd.

And if you get stuck, no problem! They have 24-hour live support to help you out whenever you need it.

2. Don’t be afraid to get creative

Once you’ve got the right equipment and software, you’re ready to start creating epic video templates for your activations.

If you’ve got a 360 booth, you can use Snappic’s handy AI Segmentation feature to create unique 360 videos. You can highlight the subject of the video by adding an effect (such as comic or chromatic aberration) to them while making the background black and white.

VideoFX example

You can also use AI Segmentation for regular iPad booth activations. This is a great way to replace the background or achieve an excellent freeze-frame effect.

Other things you can add to your videos using the Snappic app include:

  • Intro and Outro Videos
  • Music Tracks
  • Animated or Static Overlays
  • Filters and Effects
  • Slo-Mo, Reverse and Speed Ramp
  • Green Screen

These options are great for branded events. You can approach corporates and show how customizable your video activations can be by adding their branding as intro/outro videos and overlays. It’s also a great way to show the theme of your event.

To see more examples, check out Snappic’s site.

3. Encourage people to share their videos

A unique and epic video is a great way to make your content go viral, thus creating more exposure for your brand. So make sure your guests can instantly share their videos with themselves. This will let them easily post their videos on social media.

Snappic has several sharing options available, such as:

Instant Text or Email Sharing

Guests can input their cell number or email address and receive a link to their media to download directly to their device.

You can set up a secondary device (an iPad is recommended) where your guests can go after taking their video. This secondary device will show a gallery of all the media taken at the event, and your guests can select their media and send it to themselves via text or email. This helps alleviate the queue at your primary device.

Sharing Station

AI Sharing

AI sharing works with facial recognition to create a personal gallery that you can use to view, download and share all of the sessions you participated in. Additionally, you will automatically receive a text or email (depending on the sharing method chosen) each time you visit the photo booth. This eliminates the need to share from the booth completely!

Use a QR code to create a contactless sharing option. Guests scan a QR code which takes them to a branded webpage. Here they can choose their experience (Still, GIF, Boomerang, or video), the template they would like to use, digital props (if enabled), and their sharing details (text or email). Once they have completed their selections, a new QR code is generated, which can be held up to the primary recording device to start the session. All media is then sent to the guest once they are done recording.

QR Contactless Sharing


This latest sharing feature allows guests with Apple devices to directly share their media via Airdop.

4. Build up your portfolio

In order to sell video activations to your clients, you’ll need to show them some examples. A great way to do this if you’re just starting out is to host free events for friends and family.

Let your creativity go wild, and make sure you use all the customizable video features to show off your work.

“So don’t fall behind with the times; integrate video into your photo booth business today.”

Want to learn more about Snappic? Chat to one of our 24-hour live support team members by visiting

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