Meet the pro

Chris Meyer

The master mind behind The Slow Motion Booth, and creator of Photo Booth Community. Chris has been a vital asset to the photo booth industry spanning over 2 decades!

He’s taken a booth business and pushed technology and software to the limits to create exceptional events which really position him as one of our industry leaders. Working collectively with manufactures, software’s companies and boothers his collaboration over competition attitude is what sets him apart and makes him stand out in our industry.

We were lucky to grab 5 minutes with Chris, so he could share some of his business insights and top tips when running a photo booth business.

Name: Chris Meyer
Business Name: The Slow Motion Booth

How long have you been in business: 15 years

Favorite tech

Spot My Photos, this is a modern photo sharing platform for events. It uses facial recognition, coupled with unique custom algorithms, artificial intelligence and more to create an effective and seamless automated private photo sharing platform.

Favorite software

Whatever gets the job done. We have so much to choose from now, and the software companies are continuously adding and updating features to their platforms. I always explore all software options when choosing which is best for each job and decide on the job requirements and output for the client.

Best event

Youtube event called ‘brandcast’ where we were able to work with ‘The Slow Mo Guys’. We got to throw paint on guests in slow motion and Snoop Dog was the DJ. 

Tips for success

1. Know at LEAST 2 software platforms backwards and forwards.

Each platform (we use 8 different softwares) has its pros and cons based on the specific needs of specific corporate clients. If you want to get in with corporate companies you will need to be as versatile as possible. 

2. Create systems for automation and duplication.

Start this process when you are small and it will pay dividends as you grow. 

3. Network.

Get to know every vendor in your area. Get to know other photo boothers that have different product line-ups than you – and learn to collaborate. 

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