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Dustin Espindula

Name: Dustin Espindula
Business Name: PicBox Photo Booth Company
How long have you been in business: 13 years

We’ve all been there. Starting out in the photobooth industry, full of passion and excitement, but sadly finding that we don’t have the necessary know-how to take our dream to reality.

That’s where Dustin Espindula found himself 13 years ago. He’d invested in a photo booth, but how to turn it from a whim into a winner? Back then, it was the kindness of another photo booth owner in Ohio, who gave freely of his time, experience and advice to help Dustin get his business motoring.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” ~ Aesop.

And speaking to Dustin today, it is clear that despite the successes, both in manufacturing and rental, he has carried that kindness on. He’s happy to help newbies to the industry as well as experienced collaborators to take the photo booth industry to the next level.

Starting out in the Photo Booth industry

“We’ve all been there. Starting out in a new industry, looking to try a new venture. Some of us have more experience than others, but there is room for all of us to do well. For me, I would rather celebrate successes and support my colleagues in the industry than keep my knowledge to myself and tear others down.”

Don’t be fooled though. He may be kind, but Dustin blends kindness with an innovative streak that has seen him take the industry by storm and deliver market-leading, high quality iPad Photo Booths.

PicBox Company was born

After a decade of manufacturing, distributing and renting traditional photobooths, Dustin recognised that there was an opportunity to transform and deliver for even more customers.

Dustin wasn’t just looking to develop a new product, he wanted to develop the best quality iPad booth on the market. One that met the needs of owners and would deliver a seamless experience for customers. So, the Picbox Pearl was born.

Simplicity was the watchword, but as anyone who has tried to design something simple, it is the most complex of tasks.

“We’d been building high quality booths for years, and we knew that we could take that expertise and translate it into a new iPad booth. We knew that this had to be efficient, robust and accessible. Our team worked tirelessly, testing and pushing the design to the limit.”

The Pearl most definitely fits the brief; easy to set up and take down; sturdy enough to withstand the knocks of an event and no stress start-up of the plug and play connection. No wonder it is a leading iPad Photo Booth in the industry.

Expanding product lineup

Dustin wasn’t stopping there. In fact, he already had the idea for the next booth in the PicBox family. Adapting to the changing needs of the market and responding with the Reflection was the natural next step.

Innovation and creativity drive Dustin, he’s determined to push the industry forward, creating products that push boundaries and deliver the unexpected. This drive has seen the team develop 4 market-leading products, Pearl, Reflection, Handheld and 360 Cyclone,and Dustin is not stopping there.





More than just a product

“We don’t just create products for the sake of it, and we won’t just launch a product without testing it to its limits. From how quick it is to set up, to how tough it is in the face of hundreds of guests, we put every product through months of testing before we are happy to launch it and sell to our customers.

“Why? Well, if you pride yourself on delivering amazing customer service, that starts with delivering the best product possible. We don’t let anything leave our warehouse that we wouldn’t use in our own events. PicBox stands for effortless efficiency and excellence as standard and we don’t rest on our laurels.”

What’s next?

In fact, there’s another 2 products in the pipeline for PicBox; if they are anything like the quality of the current range – the industry will be lining up to get a peak and buy the next generation of booths.

It’s pretty clear that being kind in business is not a weakness, and Dustin and PicBox’s success is testament to that.

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