In an industry like ours, where consumers are always looking for the next best experience,
we need innovators. Those creative thinkers that see beyond the now and are looking to
create something entirely new.

Danny Rosenberry

CEO at OrcaVue, is exactly that – a game changer, who has revolutionized the industry and paved the way for some of the most immersive and exciting photo experiences.

The Benefits

The history of the photo booth industry is one of adaptation and evolution, changing to meet the needs of guests who expect an experience. Consumers were no longer prepared to just have their picture taken, they wanted bespoke, beguiling and beautiful content that they could share.

As booth manufacturers captured the mood, connecting to social media and going bigger and better with activations that brands and businesses loved, there was still a gap in the market.

And while Danny wasn’t working in the photo booth industry at the time, it soon became apparent that this creative was just what the industry was missing. Ideas come from curiosity, and Danny is nothing if not curious.

Curiosity and a can-do attitude, combined with his brother’s love of filming led to creation of an MVP. That MVP, of a coffee can, lacrosse stick and fan motor, would shock anyone used to the sleek, state-of-the art OrcaVue 360 Photo Booths. But innovation comes in many forms, especially the disruptive kind.

The first 360 Photo Booth definitely disrupted the market. Taking the concept of a photo experience and literally flipping it 360.This was a true game changer and the OrcaVue team were flooded with bookings from big name brands and businesses looking to give their customers a totally different experience.

OrcaVue led the way with the introduction of the OrcaVue Gala and delivered a next level update with the OrcaVue Air.

Looking through their client list – it is clear that they are getting something right – from the NFL, to Game of Thrones, Tedx to Tissot, brands are recognising the power of a 360 experience.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and since launching, many have tried to imitate the OrcaVue magic. Yes, they can do something similar, but the time, effort and focus that the OrcaVue team put into creating the most seamless, reliable and ultimately game-changing product is standing the test of time.

You can see why they are trusted by the largest brands, movie studios and sports leagues to deliver excellence every time.

The photo booth industry is constantly evolving, it needs to meet the changing demands of consumers, but one thing is for sure, Danny and the OrcaVue team will continue to stay ahead of the pack – mixing it up, adding new features and delivering the wow factor for booth owners and consumers.

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