Why 87.5% of Photo Boothers Say a CRM is a Must-Have Tool

Any experienced photo boother will tell you that the majority of the work in running a photo booth happens behind the scenes – in the run up to and the time following every booking. This is an objectively time-consuming process, which is why most photo booth owners will sing the praises of Photo Booth CRMs – and the positive effects having a CRM on the development of your business are undeniable.

What is a CRM?

A Photo Booth CRM – which stands for Customer Relationship Management – is a system designed to help streamline the process of managing leads, contacts, and opportunities, tailored specifically to the needs of Photo Booth Owners with the intent of getting rid of the minutiae of the admin responsibilities that come with being hired for an event. Photo Booth CRMs exist with the explicit intent of not just simply making life easier for boothers, but also to save you time and make you more money in the process.

The Benefits

Studies done by business professionals have also shown that organisations that take advantage of CRMs have seen a 29% increase in sales and a 34% increase in sales team productivity in comparison to having done business without a CRM at hand.

A key benefit – and maybe the main reason why Photo Booth CRMs are so popular with boothers – is that it helps reduce the tedious administrative aspects of running the business. Managing bookings, correspondence with customers regarding payments, following up leads, and managing and arranging staff, among other things, take up a huge amount of your time that you could spend working on other aspects of your business.
Photo Booth CRMs help you by handling these processes, for example, automatic travel fee calculations and automatically calculating tax rates based on location. With these mundane aspects covered, you’ll find that you’re able to pivot from working on these tasks and instead are able to focus more on taking your business to the next level as a result of the amount of time you’ve freed up for yourself.
Customers will also find working with you a breeze as a result of a variety of options provided to them that make the booking process a more straightforward task. CRMs will have options ranging from easier ways to select backdrops and templates to a simpler payment process. Photo Booth CRMs set themselves apart from traditional CRMs with simple customer portals that allow your clients to manage bookings, purchase add-ons and access payments and invoices.
Thanks to these features, your clients’ experience is improved and are more likely to both rehire you for other events or recommend you to their peers, allowing your business to grow and generate more conversions as a well-regarded brand.

With a CRM at hand and the unexciting and monotonous aspects covered by automation, yourself and your staff will find themselves better equipped to direct your attention to providing excellent service at your events. CRMs will also arm you with the necessary tools to efficiently manage your staff, your units, your services, etc. Whether it’s managing unit availability, staff holidays, or adding a new add-on for clients to choose from, CRMs are the key to organisational success for your business. With your business more organized, you’ll find that your business runs more efficiently and your team works more productively, generating higher sales for your business.
Photo Booth CRMs also provide you with Proposals. A feature that allows you to present your offer – with all the necessary information on display – in an eye catching and memorable manner. What you may find is that using proposals becomes the key to converting more leads into paying customers, rather than funnelling precious time and effort into a lead that doesn’t convert.
Photo Booth CRMs can be used by any photo booth business, whether it’s a two-person operation or a national brand. Furthermore, like any business owner, your photo booth business will likely evolve and change over time. Photo Booth CRMs are easily adaptable and can scale alongside your business to ensure that it changes quickly according to the needs of your business at any given moment, meaning that any developments to your business model won’t be hindered by your CRM, allowing you to continue working events, and making money with no interruptions.


87.5% of Photo Booth Owners recommend taking advantage of Photo Booth CRMs, and the benefits of doing so are clear and plenty. A good Photo Booth CRM provides you with the necessary tools for you to shift focus from repetitive tasks to growing your business to make more money.

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