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The photo booth indusrty is no stranger to podcasts, we are all familiar with Super Boothers, Alan Berg and Chit Chat Photo Booth, but there is a new kid in town and we love it!

Seye Omisore of PicPic Social & Paddee has launched a new podcast.
Booth·ish, a podcast about the photo booth industry; shares the stories of photo booth entrepreneurs who have made it to six and seven figures and is geared toward photo booth entrepreneurs who want to achieve the same success.

The first episode features 10 year photo booth veteran, Minh Nguyen of Keopix, where he shares how he got into the photo booth industry, and how he grew his business to seven figures.

Seye Omisore says, “It’s been a great experience to interview my long-time photo booth friends and learn more about their origin story. But, sharing their story with others looking to learn excites me even more!”

Seye Omisore is keen to hear your feedback and ideas on the podcast via email , or contact him to become a guest on the show.

Photo Booth Pod Cast
Photo Booth Podcast
photo booth pod cast

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