Snappic… If you missed them at PBX 2022, did you actually attend the show?

We know many of their users are able to relax on vacation, while the software does the work for them, so we made sure to catch up with Julio and find out everything about the brand and their latest developments for everyone to enjoy!


The team behind Snappic, Julio, Marco, Ray & Rose go above and beyond to bring the photo booth industry the most up-to-date software and innovations ensuring that we can always WOW our clients.

The most recent addition AI Segmentation is an absolute game changer and just can’t be ignored if you want to take your photo booth business to the next level.

This advanced Snappic feature (exclusive to Snappic’s iOS-based photo booth software) is a game-changer when it comes to video output for events and photo activations. Incorporate this in your photo booth offering, and you’ll leave the competition behind!

The Explorer iPad Booth

So what exactly is AI Segmentation?

We’ve all heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but do you know how it’s been used to advance the photo booth industry?

From facial recognition to background removal, AI has been fundamental in creating remarkable new features that have made photo booths easier to use and more exciting for the end user.

Snappic developers have now used smart AI software to create another revolutionary new feature: AI Video Segmentation.

So what exactly is AI Segmentation?

  • The AI software differentiates between the subjects and background in any video.
  • It divides the video into two separate parts.
  • You can then add special effects and overlays to these two parts.
  • Here’s the best part; it all happens within the app, in real-time at your event!

How will AI Segmentation improve your photo booth videos?

Depending on the type of booth you own, there is room for many creative prospects that will excite your clients!

360 Photo Booths

Stay ahead of the curve with your 360 booth by utilizing AI Segmentation.

This feature is a perfect way to put a greater focus on the subjects of your 360 videos. For example, you can make the background black and white, and make the people on the platform stand out with a chromatic aberration effect. There are endless combinations, so let’s see how creative you can be!

iPad booths

Take your videos to the next level and create customized experiences with your videos.

Add a themed or branded animated background behind your subjects, enhance with fun effects to make the guests standout, use freeze frames and pans; The possibilities are endless.

You can use this feature to make weddings, parties, corporate events, brand activations, and just about any event or video activation way more memorable!

If you’re not staying up to date on all the trends, you could be losing out on hundreds of high-paying potential clients, so we recommend you check out Snappic and the new AI Segmentation today!

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