Adam Doughty, Booth Co – Advertising a photobooth business using Google

When it comes to marketing your photobooth business using Google advertising can be an excellent way in which to get what you offer in front of your ideal audience.

But how do they work? What’s the right way to set them up? Will they offer you a good pipeline of leads?

We uncover everything you need to know to advertise your photobooth business using Google Ads.

Advertising a photobooth business using Google

Advertising on Google

Often called pay per click advertising, Google ads allow you to bid against your competitors to appear at the top of the search results page when someone is “Googling” specific key words.

For example you may wish to appear when someone in your target location searches a term such as “hire a photobooth near me” or “hire a photobooth for my wedding”.

It’s a good idea to carefully consider what type of keywords will work for your business, and if they align with what you offer. The reason for this is that you do “pay per click” – so it pays to be careful about what keywords you use. As, if they are not relevant to your business, you will be wasting your budget on clicks which don’t turn into customer.


What to do first

Before you create a Google ads campaign for your business, it’s worth jotting down a few key elements which will help you to make sure that you are reaching the right audience.

Which locations are you potential customers in? What are they likely to be searching for when looking for your services?

It’s also important that you consider your budget. How much are you happy to spend on acquiring a new enquiry?

As Google is an auction – the amount it will cost to appear in at the top of the search results page will very much be determined by the market that you are in. You can use Google’s own keyword planner to determine the typical bid required to appear at the top of page for each keyword you wish to target.


Google ads for photo booth owners

Tracking Results

If you’re going to invest in Google advertising, you are going to need to check that your ads are providing you with the best results for your investment. Therefore it’s recommended that you set up what’s called conversion tracking on your website.

But what is a conversion? Put simply – it’s any action that a person visiting your website might take on the site itself. So for example it could be booking online, or filling in a form to contact you.

Google explains here how you can set up conversion tracking. By properly measuring your results, you can optimise your best performing adverts and keywords to ensure that you get even more of the right type of clicks.


Use Negatives to improve your results

One of the biggest drains on Google advertising budgets are people clicking on your ads who are searching for irrelevant keywords. You can set up a negative keyword list to tell Google NOT to show your ads when someone searches specific terms.

For example, you might want to add negatives to terms such as “cheap photobooth hire” or “buy a photobooth”. By making your keywords laser focused, you can instead make sure that you are only paying for clicks that are likely to drive business to you.


Make your adverts appealing

Remember – while your bid may help you show at the top of Google, it’s the ad that makes someone click! So, make sure that you are using appealing and descriptive language to describe what you do.

But also make sure that what is written in your adverts is also very relevant to the search keyword that you are bidding on too. This helps to reduce your costs as Google sees the advert as relevant to your audience.


Make sure you take your customers on the right journey


One thing to be really clear about is what happens to your customer after they click on your advert. If you are using Google ads to showcase a specific location, product or service, it is better to send the advertising traffic to a page which is relevant to what they have searched.

For example, if someone is searching “hire a photobooth for a wedding” it’s a good idea to take them to a wedding page – rather than a page showing a rowdy 18th birthday party!

Getting people to click on your adverts is only half the work – so make sure that you take an honest look at how your website is presented. It is clear, easy to read and show exactly what you offer?

If your website needs a bit of love and attention, we would always suggest that you work on this first, before you start paying to drive traffic to it. After all, you want clicks that convert – not just clicks that cost you money!

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