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SpotMyPhotos – AI-powered cloud photo booth that lets your photos find you!​

Many of us remember the magic of the Polaroid instant photo. What an amazing experience, to get snapped and then watch your photo develop right before your eyes. All in a matter of minutes.

In many ways, SpotMyPhotos, is the next generation, high-tech version of the Polaroid. But with insanely powerful technology powering it. SpotMyPhotos enables photographers to effortlessly stream photos to those photographed.

Privately and instantly.

That’s not all though.

SpotMyPhotos founder and CEO Ryan Jacobs saw an opportunity to step in and overcome the shortcomings of modern professional cameras.

“People can easily and instantly share photos from their SmartPhones. It shouldn’t be so difficult to do the same from professional cameras.”

The SpotMyPhotos team set out to build a platform that allowed event photographers and their event professional clients to engage with attendees “at the speed of the SmartPhone.”

And when attempts to approach major camera companies fell on deaf ears, the company made the necessary major investments to build solutions independently. They commissioned substantial machine learning components for the platform and developed a WiFi transmitting SpotMyPhotos SD card, one of the many methods used to get photos up to the SpotMyPhotos cloud.

SpotMyPhotos prides itself on being incredibly simple to use for guests and operators alike. The classic version of SpotMyPhotos delivers maximum interaction, with guests verbally providing the photographer or photo booth operator with their number, quickly keyed into a mobile app – generally worn on an operator’s wrist.

From there, a guest receives a text and can opt-in to automatically receiving custom branded versions of all of their photos. Crucially the photos are delivered privately to their phone. There’s also no need to continue to enter phone numbers over and over again as a guest is “spotted” in additional photos, they appear immediately within their private gallery.

Created for event photographers before being picked up by photo booth operators, SpotMyPhotos was built differently. The software sits on its own branch of the photo booth software family tree. But SpotMyPhotos fits squarely within that family tree, and operation comes more naturally to photo booth operators than it does to photographers.

Founder Ryan Jacobs credits the concept of SpotMyPhotos to one of his first start-ups in college – a campus event photography company. “We listened to our customers who gave us two very clear takeaways. People want photos immediately, and also care about privacy, not wanting photos being shared without their permission on Facebook or in galleries accessible by all attendees.”

The company continues to relentlessly ensure the customer feedback loop remains intact and lead developer Sanju Bhambani refers to licensee feedback as the greatest input guiding the SpotMyPhotos tech roadmap. “Our partners operating in the field are our R&D team,” Bhambani points out, “and, in turn, we see ourselves as remote teammates supporting them.”

The company has succeeded in creating wow experiences. This is so much more than a photo sharing platform. Power users see it as a business development tool, and a differentiator for their services.

The platform allows its operators to easily converse and develop relationships with attendees, and those that are most successful with SpotMyPhotos are developing multiple leads at each event they operate. Once familiar with SpotMyPhotos, it becomes very easy to upsell and delight clients.

SpotMyPhotos supports event planners, photographers and photo booth operators around the world, and has also collaborated with several photo industry partners. Canon and SpotMyPhotos collaborated on an integrated solution and together unveiled the world’s first cloud-enabled professional camera system at CES 2019. Since then, all Canon camera models have been built to support a direct integration with SpotMyPhotos.

If you haven’t experienced SpotMyPhotos, you’re missing out. It’s compatible with any camera brand and integrates with photo booths as well to provide an integrated photo sharing experience. What are you waiting for; go get spotted and let your photos find you

For more information and to see videos of SpotMyPhotos in action visit:

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