Wedding Trends 2022
Fingers, toes and everything we can possibly cross.

Let’s all say a prayer to the love gods that restrictions will be a thing of the past in 2022 and we can get back to blushing brides, gorgeous grooms and loved-up couples.

Because let’s be honest, the uncertainties and unpredictability of multiple lockdowns did a serious number on most of our businesses and left so many couples decidedly unhappy.

And if our prayers are answered, it looks pretty certain that we are going to be bombarded with engaged couples looking to party in style.

So, What does a 2022 wedding look like?
In recent years, couples would have been very trend led, opting for the hottest thing on insta as they doom scroll through hoping to hop on a trend and look ‘creative’.

This year, while there might be some ‘as seen on insta’, couples are looking to their own personalities, getting properly creative and focussing on all out fun.

After a pretty shitty year, we are going to see:

Sequel weddings
A lot of your clients probably couldn’t wait to get married and stuck to the guidelines as had a small wedding ceremony during lockdown.

They’ve saved up, cos what else was there to do? And now they want to go all out on a big celebration. Some romantics might recreate walking down the aisle and a symbolic ceremony. But other bad asses will be heading straight to the dancefloor, with a boozy, banging night of all out entertainment.

Theming your wedding is sure to divide opinion. Some think tacky, some think licence to let your imagination run wild. But without a doubt, there will be all out extravaganzas with everything from circus to disco, Bridgerton to Bollywood
Unusual Entertainment
When you’ve had all this extra time to think about what you want from your big day, there’s sure to be a focus on giving your guests something utterly unforgettable. We’ve been stuck in doors, dreaming of reconnecting with friends and family.

Expect to see all manner of entertainment options that would delight young, old and everyone in between. We predict axe throwing, bouncy castles, drag queen balls, circus performers and for the animal lovers maybe even some petting zoos. No limits and what better way for guests and the happy couple to capture the madness than with a bespoke photo booth tailored to their specifications and front and centre at the party.

Style it out
Sick of slouching about the house in our leggings and hoodies, guests will want an opportunity to dust off the glad rags or spend big on a new party outfit.
Giving them a reason to go full on glam will be welcomed and of course that means the happy couple will have to double down on incredible outfits. Who knows – there might even be a spectacular outfit change because why would you settle for one outfit when you can have two jaw-dropping looks for the ceremony and reception?
Virtual is here to stay
I know, I know, you are sick of zoom quizzes, work calls and all things virtual. But one thing that has stuck is the virtual save-the-date and invitation. So much more immediate, this is a great way to save money for the big do and also if plans change you can instantly inform your guests.
Even better, your virtual invite can tie in with your photo booth templates, themes and personalised photo booth guestbook, that most suppliers will include in your package.
2022 is set to be the year of the wedding extravaganza.
Get ready to go all out and give your clients a party
worth capturing on camera.
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