Step up and into a world filled with professional content to market your Mirror Me Booth.

We all know users can’t help but be drawn to the full-length mirror, and from the moment they hear the engaging voiceover, they won’t want the fun to stop, but how do you sell this to a customer?

With the ultimate professional content, of course!

PRO Content is packed full of pro content to showcase your Mirror Me Booth at its best and sell the experience, not just the product.

Whether you’re looking to target weddings, parties & special occasion or large corporate events, we have all the content you need!

For just $99 per month

paid monthly for six months, you will receive


A choice of 20 professional images each month


A choice of 1 video per month



A choice of 5 photo overlays



A choice of 5 animations


Can you afford not to invest $99 a month into marketing your Mirror Me Booth?

That’s a whole lot of marketing content for just $594, and we break the payments into a monthly fee to make it even more affordable!

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