Bringing AI features to your mirror booths

Over the past years, we’ve seen a lot of companies implementing different kinds of AI integration into their software.

AI Face swap

One of the most popular integrations is Face Swap, which performs precisely as its name implies. This feature allows users to select from different sample photos, and the software seamlessly swaps their face, matching the scene, skin tone, lighting, and overall appearance.

The best use-cases

– Corporate events requiring branded content
– Themed parties with specific character face swaps
– Events where consistency in output is crucial

AI Headshots

AI Headshots are an innovative use of AI technology that can transform guests’ photos with custom prompts. Unlike traditional methods, this new technology isn’t limited by the original photo, offering endless creative options with custom props. Fotomaster’s new Cloud system enhances this flexibility, allowing you to create multiple prompts that automatically adapt to your guests.

There are 3 different prompt types, to make it as easy or as customizable as you need for different types of events.

Automated: Choose your desired style, scene, type, and theme from a variety of options. The AI model generates your headshot result according to these settings, delivering amazing, one-of-a-kind results every time without needing to write a prompt. For a surprise effect, you can even choose Random!

Mixed: Combine automated selections with an additional custom prompt to fine-tune your results further.

Fully Custom: Write the entire prompt yourself, allowing full control and specificity over the portrait generated.

The best use-cases

– Creative events like weddings, festivals and corporate activations
– Clients seeking personalized, artistic portraits
– Situations where variety and uniqueness are desired

Streamlined Photo Sharing with Fotomaster’s New Cloud Platform

Previously, sharing photos with clients after an event using the Mirror Booth required using USB memory sticks or syncing event galleries with various cloud systems. This process was often cumbersome and slow, leading to delays in delivering digital copies to clients.

With Fotomaster’s new Cloud platform, this process has become much simpler. As long as you have internet access, uploading photos to the client’s gallery is almost instantaneous. All you need to do is create your event in the Fotomaster Photo Booth Software, enable the auto-sync feature, and the software takes care of the rest.

To find out more about find out about these features a lot more, visit and try it with your next event.

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