Meet the boother

Patrice Kennedy Murillo

Finding inspiration in disappointment, that’s the short version of the story behind Indulge Images.

Patrice and her husband were both event professionals. Both with an eye for a great image and at the time they were looking for photo booths for their wedding. Alas, at the time pickings were pretty poor and the search was not successful.

But the couple were not to be deterred and they took matters into their own hands and started their own event and photo booth business.

And from the start they’ve done things their own way, putting the Indulge Images stamp of professionalism and playfulness on every event and interaction.

They really are a dream team, committed to making every person feel completely at ease and relaxed, ensuring that the smiles and laughs are genuine and the magic moments are captured in candid authenticity.

Indulge Images has grown from strength to strength over the years and now capture celebrities, conventions, high profile corporate gigs as well as amazing private celebrations.

Name: Patrice Kennedy Murillo
Business Name: Indulge Images
How long have you been in business?
As a boother, I just hit 5 years
What is your favourite booth?  I can’t pick – they all have their strengths and it’s great to be able to offer clients the right booth for their specific needs.
What is your favourite software? Sorry, no favourites again – we choose the right software for the event and booth.

Tell us about the best event you ever did?

That is such a hard question! I love doing anything that goes beyond the basic camera in a box situation.

It’s amazing when a client allows me total creative freedom. That is when I really thrive. All the Halloween events I’ve done have been outstanding, from using AR inside an inflatable haunted house, to creating a haunted mansion living room for a photo experience. We put so much work into it to bring smiles to everyone who participates each year. And we change it up each time too, it’s NEVER the same!

Your 3 Tips for success in the photo booth industry: 

#1 Be diligent in your business. Be kind, but remember not everyone is your friend.


#2 You don’t know what you don’t know. This is my new favourite phrase. To me, it means, keep your eyes and ears open, and continue to learn and grow.


#3 Find your tribe. I know that is said a lot in all parts of life, but it’s so true. This community is incredibly supportive when you align yourself with those you like and admire. They are always there for you, and the beautiful thing is this, it’s not just for photo booth help, they become an extended family and you can talk about anything, show up, and support one another…go on vacations together! I love my tribe!

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